Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse

Intuitive Astrology: Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse January 2018

On Wednesday, January 31st, we will be blessed with a spectacular celestial event that is the Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse. This rare lunar event is happening after a span of 150 years! If you skygazers are lucky enough to be in a part of the world where this will be visible, you will get to witness the usually silvery light of the moon turn blood red for a magical 77 minutes.

This eclipse is the first of three Blood Moon’s that will occur between 2018-2019. As if this wasn’t epic enough, we are graced with a Blue Moon, a rare phenomenon which consists of two Full Moons in one month, and this one happens to be a Super Moon as well. A Blue Moon is seen as a rarity, you have all heard of the expression "once in a blue moon". Blue Moons are a time to pay attention to our inner voice, what we are feeling and how we communicate with others. It's a good time to use your own voice to express and create clear visions of how you want to shape your reality. This particular Blue Moon is in the fiery sign of Leo, she is known for her ability to roar and project, and this energy will fuel our development of creative speech, allowing us to find our more expressive and true voice. 

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A Total Lunar Eclipse always occurs on a Full Moon when the Sun, the Moon and Earth align in a formation where the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. This alignment causes the Moon to have a blood-red glow as she passes through the shadow of the Earth. When the Blue Moon meets the Lunar Eclipse, it will create a synergy of powerful energy for us to harness, making it the perfect time to tap into our higher consciousness for a spiritual download.

The full moon on 31st January is in the sign of Leo. This eclipse is particularly powerful, coming as it does in the time of Aquarius, it’s polarity with the sign of Leo is going to reveal what's hidden and bring to the surface all that no longer serves you. 

Think back to the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo that happened on August 21st, 2017, what was stirring for you then? Now here we are having a Lunar Eclipse in Leo in January. It is a meeting between the watery moon, beautiful serene elegant and deep and the fiery Leo. Leo energy is all about passion, creativity, confidence, and masses of positive energy. Now think back to August and those things you were working on back then. You might find yourself revisiting old fears, the people, the conversations, the challenges you were experiencing back then. The shadow side of Leo is that voice of self-doubt that we are not good enough. This eclipse is going to help all of you to shed those shadow voices and to acknowledge that while they had something to tell you it’s now okay for them to leave you in peace and let you carry on and welcome in the massive boost of positivity that going to affect you now. Have no doubt about it, you are going to feel the impact! Each of you is going to experience an increase in positive energy.  

The sign of Leo is all about power and strength, ambition and motivation, it’s about coming out of your shell, finding a new direction in life, moving on and letting go! Leo is ruled by the fiery sun, it represents your ego and is all about you, and your spiritual journey, how far you have come and what lessons you have learned along the way.  

The energy of this Super Blue Moon Eclipse is giving you the impetus, the energy, the confidence to do things you have always wanted to do. In terms of your career and ambitions, it is giving you the motivation to go for that job, start that University course, start writing that novel, take up anything that you have found challenging in the past. Even if you don’t think you are ready, you are going to feel the power of this full moon, you are going to impress others and amaze ourselves! You are all going to feel an inner strength to help you make the changes you need in your lives. It’s going to be an amazingly creative time. Time to make those changes not only in yourselves but in your environment, work on your gardens, paint the house, create the sacred space you have been thinking about.  

Changes are coming in all aspects of our lives. For some of us we will feel a certain stage in life coming to an end, swiftly and painlessly. There will be a certain karmic quality of how some relationships will go to the next level, while others end. Single people will find it a good time to get out there, socialise and meet new people. You will exude confidence and attractiveness!  

It all depends on what our personal situation is but all of us will find ourselves being shaken up in some way. We are all on a separate spiritual journey and big changes need to happen for us to move on. A turning point is coming and we are all about to wake up and realise what it is we need to deal with.

This Lunar eclipse is a healing energy, it cleanses, removes, releases all that no longer serves us. We can let it all go so we can finally be our true selves – we don’t need stay in those shadows any longer.



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