Gemini New Moon Ritual

When the Moon and the Sun come together in our sky and align at the exact same position, this results in the Moon being hidden away, bringing darkness to the night sky. This is our dark moon, and out of this new cycle holds the promise of growth, new potential, empowerment and change.
A new moon is an opportunity to start a fresh, to rebuild ourselves up and to plant seeds for our future.
As always, on a new moon we can use it’s rebirthing energy to focus our minds on our goals and intentions, and use its manifesting potential to birth new ideas to life.

Just because we can’t see the New Moon doesn’t mean she’s not powerful, a new moon works on the innermost layers of ourselves, the darkness, the deepest most hidden parts of our soul. 

This New Moon in Gemini is connected to communication; self talk, self expression and our truth. This sign is also connected to the mind and our “mental chatter” making this a powerful time to manifest our current vibration, so being mindful of what you’re thinking and putting out there is important over the next couple of weeks. Taking particularly good care of your own needs, what you want and listening to your emotions should be a priority during this lunar phase.
Be conscious of how you talk to yourself, your “mental chatter” is what you manifest, and can be used against you if you’re not being positive. Try to be more conscientious with your self talk, be kinder to yourself, show yourself more love. If you catch yourself talking bad about yourself or putting yourself down, change it. Make a conscious decision to stop and apologise to yourself. Take it back. 
Take time to check where your frequency is, check in with yourself, your vibration, where does your energy sit? Are you grateful? Are you happy? Are you being kind to yourself? Notice and observe how you feel and try and raise it. Even just looking out to nature and being grateful for its beauty and healing presence can help raise your vibration. Being grateful for the simplest of things can really help elevate you and your frequency. 

New Moon in Gemini Ritual


  • Sage for smudging or your favourite tool of choice
  • White candles
  • 1 Quartz crystal and a blue crystal
  • Pen and paper / moon journal
  • Soothing meditation music



1. As always, before doing any ritual it is important to cleanse your energy and your sacred space to clear away any unwanted energies from the last lunar cycle. By doing this you help to create a protective and high vibrational space to do your energy work.

As you smudge yourself, recite the following smudging prayer or mantra, or write one that resonates with you -
“I call upon the Divine light to surround and protect me, I ask of my spirit guides, guardian angels and higher self to be present, to heal and guide me. I cleanse away the past, I release any old pain. I let go of all that is holding me back. I cleanse myself with light and loving energy. All energy that is no longer mine to carry now leaves my body. I am cleansed, I am restored. I am recharged.

Next cleanse your surroundings and your ritual ingredients. As you cleanse, feel free to recite the following three times -
“I cleanse this space with sacred light and loving energy. I cleanse my tools and thank you for your protection and guidance. I cleanse my sacred space with love and light energy. Only love may dwell here. Only peace may come. My space is protected. I am protected. My space is cleansed. I am cleansed."

2. Light your white candle and sit in front of it. Sit for a few moments and gaze upon the flame to calm your mind. Take some deep breaths here and relax into this moment. Your mind and body should start to feel relaxed and soothed.

3. Take your Quartz crystal and your blue crystal, I recommend Chrysocolla or Blue Lace Agate for the throat chakra. Hold the crystals in your left hand and connect with their energy, rub them gently between your hands to charge them and so they can transfer their energy into you. Do this until the crystal becomes warm or tingly.

4. Now, lay down comfortably, place the blue crystal on your throat chakra, and place the Quartz on your heart. Gently place your left hand on your throat covering the crystal. Take your right hand and place it over your heart centre. Take long slow deep breaths and imagine inhaling divine white light in through your crown chakra, and when you are ready recite the following, or say what feels right for you -

"I breathe in universal light, I inhale divine love and healing. My energy centres are aligned and well, my mind and body are at ease. My heart and throat are connected, and energy flows through them with ease. I speak my truth at all times and love myself and others without judgement or fear. I am connected, I am whole. I open myself up to divine guidance and ask the universe for clear communication. I connect to my divine self and welcome new wisdom and truth."

As you say this either out loud or in your head, imagine a blue light pouring into your throat chakra and a green light pouring into your heart space, imagine your hands are filling you up with this healing energy from the universe. You may feel your hands become warm and tingly. Stay here until you feel nourished, and when you are ready come out of this slowly.

5. Take your pen and paper and write down 10 things you want in your life right now, be honest with yourself, speak your truth. Let your pen flow to paper. Once your have written it all down, take a moment to take it in, read them out loud. 

6. On a new piece of paper, write down your goals and intentions for the month ahead. 

An example could be - "This month I invite more love into my life.” "My intentions for this month are......"

7. Once you have set your intention for the month, get comfortable and listen to your favourite meditation music or anything that makes you feel relaxed. Meditate on what you have just wrote, think about how your life would be and how you would feel if you had these things in your life. Most importantly have gratitude and give thanks as if it has already happened!

8. Once you are done with the meditation, carefully blow out the candle and leave your paper under your crystals for three days. Everyday, make sure you are focusing energy on what it is you wrote down, think about how you could implement new ways of bringing these things into your life.

9. On the third day, pick up your piece of paper with your goals and intention on and read it out loud. Say thank you to the Universe for helping to bring these things into your life. 

10. To complete the ritual, write down something that you need in your life by the end of the year to make this year special to you. Something you can be proud of yourself for, something to live on in your memories forever. 
In December we have a Full Moon in Gemini, and whatever seeds you plant during this New moon, will come into fruition in 6 months time. 

Happy New Moon, and happy manifesting!

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    Hi i just want to say i cannot believe i have not stumbled across your blog and website sooner! I love this and need more of this in my life! dank je from Belgium xxx

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