Goddess Ritual Bath

For as long as I can remember I’ve always taken my baths seriously, way before I knew the health benefits of half of the ingredients I was sprinkling into my bath; Lavender, rose petals, rosemary, dried chamomile, and sea salt just to name a few. 

As I got older and delved into my craft, I began to understand just how important that act of taking a bath before undergoing any kind of ritual was.

Before calling in any energies, help or guidance from the gods or goddesses, or tapping into the higher powers, I felt it was so crucial to bathe. To cleanse oneself from any energies lingering from the last lunar cycle, to wash away any negative or stagnant energy that was no longer serving me, but ultimately to have respect for any deities I was about to call forth into my space. 

I would fill my bath with hot water first, then add my essential oils of choice, and the bath salts; as to not let them evaporate whilst the bath fills. My favourite go-to oils are usually Lavender, Sage and Frankincense. Lavender has the power to calm restless minds and help one relax, it smells so calming to me and it smells like witchcraft in a bottle, a smell that transports me back to childhood when I was first discovering my magick. Sage is known as the master herb and I use it for its cleansing and nerve tonic properties, along with its ability to eliminate toxins. It’s also great for easing muscular and joint pain. Frankincense is my favourite essential oil ever; it holds other worldly vibrations, as if sent from the heavens itself. It’s scent is earthy yet uplifting and just soothes my soul at its core. It promotes a sense of peace, tranquility and helps me ground and feel connected, and is the perfect companion for getting into a meditative, spiritual state. A powerful oil closely connected to Christ Consciousness that helps deepen your spiritual connection.

Adding mineral salts to your bath is a great way to help detoxify the body. I like to use Epsom salt which is great for detoxification and is a soothing remedy for aching muscles. Himalayan salt helps flush out toxins, helps balance hormones and promotes radiant, healthy glowing skin, and Dead Sea salt helps nourish dry or irritated skin and helps strengthen skin tissue. 

Once you have your base ready, with therapeutic oils and healing mineral bath salts you are now ready to decorate your bath with goddess energy. I love nothing better than finishing my bath off with sprinkling of rose petals and rose buds, crystals, and intention. The act of performing this kind of bathing ritual allows you to connect deeply with your inner goddess and with elements of water and tap into water magick. 

We can learn a lot from water, an elemental force of magick; it is the driving force of all life, it allows us to flow, allows us to feel, and gives us permission to let go. Water is healing and transformative, and is the ruling element of our emotions and inner creativity. It teaches us how to feel deeply and opens us up to receive. The human body is made up of 70% water which is moved and influenced by the moon, which is why we are so deeply connected to the moon and her phases.

I work very closely with the cycles of the moon, each phase bringing different energy and teaching us different lessons. The Full Moon is a culmination of energy, while she shines at her fullest illumination we too are at the pinnacle point of our energy, needing to release and shed to make space for more growth in the coming lunar cycle. 

During a Full Moon the healing energy and mineral absorption of the body are at its peak, making it the perfect time to draw your Full Moon Ritual Detox Bath and cast your healing wishes out into the universe.

So next time you're feeling the need for some you time and want to worship and nourish your inner God/Goddess, why not try exploring the act of taking a ritual bath. They are the perfect way to start your moon rituals, or just the perfect remedy when you're lacking in self-care.

I encourage you all to invest in this luxurious act of self-love and personal healing, it truly is a beautiful way to connect with yourself whilst receiving so many health benefits! Invoke your inner power, light your candles, burn your incense, and turn off your phone so you can relax, renew, revitalise, and soak up the healing essence of a sacred cleanse.


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