Heart-led magick during Taurus Season

As we move into Taurus Season, we are reminded of the beauty and luxury of life. The energies of the universe are inviting us to delve deeper into the core of our being and connect with the fundamental essence of our existence. It is a time to plant the seeds of our dreams and desires and nourish them with the fertile soil of our intentions.

Yesterday’s Aries New Moon eclipse has provided us with an opportunity to release ourselves from the shackles of our past and embrace the limitless potential of our future. It has allowed us to shed the layers of conditioning and programming that have been holding us back and return to the purity of our true selves.

As the retrograde in Taurus commences, we are being called to listen to the whispers of our heart and follow its guidance. Our heart is the seat of our intuition and holds the key to our deepest desires and aspirations. It is through reconnecting with our heart that we can access the wisdom and truth that is inherent within us.

This season offers a sacred opportunity to connect with the magick and wisdom of the earth's seasons and cycles, to embrace the teachings of Nature, and to look inward to find the answers we seek.

With the North Node resting in Taurus, the gentle essence of femininity has undergone a magical transformation. It is a time of deep unraveling and discovery, stepping into our raw power, where we are learning to embrace our truest selves - softness, gentleness, and heart-centeredness, and lean into the strength and safety of the divine masculine. Through surrender, and unconditional love, we can discover the power of trusting and honouring the guidance of the masculine and the magick of this sacred union.

Through the womb of creation, we have been birthing something truly beautiful, and Taurus represents the physical embodiment of all that we have nurtured within ourselves. As we move into new timelines during this enchanting eclipse season, let us remember to continue honouring and cherishing the softness, femininity, and love within ourselves and each other.

This is your permission slip to put your feet on the grasses, listen to the wisdom of the earth, find connection, embody stillness and slow living. 

Taurus are the natural wizards of this realm, resilient, resourceful, and rooted to our great mother, with the power to weave magic and call on earthly wisdom to make dreams and ideas come to life.

This season encourages us to sow seeds of our desires, dreams and ideas, and nurture them with love and unwavering trust. 

This is a time of magick and alchemy, where we have the power to transform our lives and manifest our dreams into reality. It is a time to trust in the divine plan and surrender to the flow of the universe. As we surrender to the cosmic dance of life, we allow ourselves to be carried by the currents of love and light, and experience the infinite possibilities that exist within us.

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