How it all began

My journey had led me to Wellington, (on the North Island of New Zealand) by this stage of my trip I had no control over what I wanted to do, it was more a case of the Universe had literally swept me off my feet and landed me exactly where I needed to be. I was being guided every step of the way, every choice, path and decision was made by the insatiable pull of the Cosmos. The universe had my back every step of the way, and I followed with immense trust. I quickly landed on my feet, I had made some really good friends, and on my first day in Wellington I was taken under the protecting wings of Jessie; someone I'm proud to call my friend to this day. I moved in with Jess and his house mates, in a place called Island bay, where I quickly learnt that Paua shell lived in abundance here. I would find myself strolling along the beach collecting shells day after day, amazed that they all had naturally carved, perfect holes in them from the ocean. Half of the job done for me right?
I was lucky enough to meet my good friends Lily Loy & Anita, two people who I am extremely grateful for, they helped me grow so much as a person and shared their creativity with me, without them I wouldn't be where I am today. The three of us used to sit and sell our handmade jewellery on Cuba street, the place to be for all performers, artists, dreamers and creators. We soon learned that we were working with free currency! Naturally sourcing materials given to us from the ocean, and making something beautiful with them. Could things have been anymore perfect? Making jewellery and making a living off the worlds natural beauty. This lifestyle made me very happy, and I was making people happy! Travelling around, selling our creations, living day to day, rewarding ourselves with delicious food and drinks in the evenings, with the money we had made from selling our magical Paua shells. Life was bliss.
As my journey evolved, as did I. I was learning how to do macrame, making beachy boho bracelets and wrapping crystal necklaces, I had saved up enough money to travel again, and the next part of my adventure had led me to the South Island. The magic continued, everyone I met on my journey was a gift from the universe, there was a lesson to be learned from every single person, and every place I discovered I was that little bit closer to my destiny and finding my true purpose. My soul had come alive and I was truly living. I was learning a lot about myself, and knew that I could happily live this life of freedom forever. 
 The journey continues...
Now residing back in the UK, settled and grounded in Liverpool (for now). Expanding my healing dream, combining my love for art, magic and spirituality. My jewellery inspiration has come from my travels, my experiences are my journey, my jewellery is my expression. Always discovering, forever learning.

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