Intuitive Astrology: Capricorn Lunar Eclipse 2019

During Eclipse Season we’re either going to be given a cosmic pat on the back, or get thrown down a path we didn’t think we had the balls to do. This is something that could come as a bit of a surprise, or perhaps it’s something that you had forgotten about, something you didn't see through because you were too afraid, or you didn’t believe in yourself. This Eclipse energy is powerfully nudging you down the path that is meant for you. If you were going off your path you can be thrown back on it. We should expect to be presented with soul shaping tasks along the way; thrown in there to truly test our loyalty to The Universe, and to our higher guidance. We could turn back at any point of course, but where would be the fun in that?

On 16th July we have a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. A Lunar Eclipse can be a very deep and intense energy; this occurs when the Earth, Sun, and the Moon come into a rare direct alignment which opens up a portal of transformation, bringing new insights and information to the surface.

Eclipses can feel like wild cards, exciting and fast moving, and they can often feel overwhelming if we resist these changes. With Eclipse energy, always expect the unexpected. This energy has been present in our lives for the last month and will be carrying us through for a further 6 months, so take note of the themes are happening in your life currently.

Through this portal of energy we have a huge opportunity to leave our old lives behind and birth a new. Even though the Full Moon is a completion energy, through Eclipse Magic we draw in New Moon energy; rebirths and new beginnings, and are powerful times to set new intentions. During the Eclipse transition when the light gets partially cut out, the energy gets rebooted, and when the light resumes again, we get a sense that we have been jumped further down our new path, closer to our destiny.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will ask you to release certain roles and 
old ambitions that are no longer in alignment with you. You need to be open to the path that is organically forming right now and trust that you will succeed. It is best to flow with the cosmic current than swim against the tide.
This month with the Cancer / Capricorn axis we have experienced a split in our consciousness between understanding that our world is changing deeply and permanently, and therefore an aspect of us has to change as well. The Capricorn energy wants us to deal with our actions and our choices, dealing with life as it is in front of us. We are wanting to be strong and to take responsibility for ourselves, whilst feeling into this Cancer energy and tuning into our feelings through these changes. We are being pulled to take a break, and take care of our emotional body as well as the world around us. You may be feeling more in tune with your emotional body, and with your feelings. You could also be feeling the need to want to retreat and drop into a softer part of yourself. Slow down and nurture the self through these changes and find balance by taking a moment to pause if it feels good.

This Eclipse energy is going to shine a light on something you didn't know. It is here to reveal the deeper parts of ourselves that are here to create a new reality further down the road. Trust yourself and trust your heart, trust what you need to do. You are equipped with the emotional compass that brings you back home to yourself, as these changes unfold before you. 

This energy has been providing us with the spiritual lessons and understandings we need to evolve further, you could have been thrown outside of your comfort zone, but it has all been for the greater expansion of you and your life. During these current cosmic energies you may be feeling more intuitive, listen to the guidance as it comes through and trust it is meant to be followed.

Remember to find time to tune into God, or the Universe, your angels and spirit guides, whatever higher power of your understanding. During this time we can access more information. If you are in your flow then the universe will provide, surrender to the higher forces at work and trust that they are here to guide you.

You could be feeling vulnerable through these changes, it can feel overwhelming and create anxiety, understanding that this is part of the process and that you are strong enough to do anything will help guide you through. You have to stay true to yourself, so now is an important time to choose who you give your power to and prioritise how you live your life.
Take time daily to check in with your frequency, check that you are living in love. Drop into the heart space and send out love to all beings, to everyone you meet, the trees, the plants, the earth, feel that as you emit this love out, the love and energy comes back to you. What you send out comes back.

Through this transition choose what you need, who you are, what feels right for you. Where we focus our attention our energy follows.

Lunar eclipses are the bigger revelations, the bigger growth cycles, the bigger understandings. The sun is illuminating and shining its light on all these energies we have playing out in the cosmos. 

We are entering a turning point in the year, and in our lives. The July 16th Eclipse is one of the most potent and transformative points of the year and we are meant to be going through change, and the universe is saying you're ready. Come home to yourself and to who you are now, believe in yourself, believe in the adventure that is unfolding for you. We are now playing the starring role in our biggest adventure yet.

Everything is coming to you in perfect and divine timing, you are tapping into more of your own power, and your own choices. Step through this portal of transformation with perfect love and perfect trust. You are ready to claim the path that is true for you. 

Lunar Eclipse Blessings to all!

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