Intuitive Astrology: Full Blue Moon in Taurus October 2020

There’s extra magick in the air this Halloween, thanks to this rare, Full Blue Moon in Taurus, last seen on a Halloween night back in 1944! This moon is rich in symbolism, potent with the energy of death and rebirth, with a strong focus on transmutational energy. 

The Full Moon falls at 8° & 36 minutes of Taurus and is in exact conjunction with Uranus, shining a light on all things Uranian; making this a contradictory Full Moon of Uranus in Taurus because the two of them make for a peculiar alliance. 

Uranus has a very volatile nature, it's rebellious, strives for freedom, wants to break up anything that's stale and routine, reinforcing the long term message we have seen this year of individual rights and freedom in a very assertive way. Uranus is linked to truth, truth coming to light, its message is all about breaking down in order to break through. Whereas Taurus is the complete opposite; all about permanence, stability, feelings of safety and security, things for the long term, love of routine and what they know, and absolutely no sudden changes. 

This conjunction is going to be here till 2026, so this does make for a perfect combination for deconstructing the old world order, the breakdown of political and social structures, and old paradigms that are no longer serving the world at large.

What is interesting to me is that Uranus’ very nature is linked to cutting off and breaking free, its a planet about disruption, revolution, and evolution, whereas Taurus is very much about the physical body and heightened sense of touch, and throughout 2020 we have had this cut off from society, from our loved ones, not being able to touch or hug our friends and family because of lockdown restrictions. So it is important to remember that we are meant to have physical contact, touch, and connection, that we derive from tribes and communities, and that it is part of our humanity to remember that feeling of love and connection. Wherever possible show your kindness, offer compassion, offer up that human part of yourself that longs for community and connection. 

This Full Moon in Taurus highlights the axis of death and rebirth, Taurus energy is birth energy, it's about fecundity, it’s Venusian energy as the mother in the earth, she is the mother archetype, embodying our physical beings and how we nurture and nourish our bodies. She’s earthy and loves sensual pleasure, she is earthbound and in her body, full of abundant life. 

While the Sun opposing the Moon in Scorpio is all about transformation, death and rebirth, what is murky and hidden. This is potent creative energy, teaching us how to let go, and shed what no longer serves us. This fixed sign Full Moon is going to help us grow into the version of ourselves that we want to become, but we need to be willing to put in the work if we are to have sustainable growth, we have to be willing to let transmutation happen within us. Taurus moon is always going to want to support you and ground you into owning who you are, it's a strong focused energy. This moon is here to shake you to get you to focus on your worthiness and what it is you want to manifest for your future. 

We are being called to connect with our deep sense of value, self love, and groundedness. We are being asked to come back home to our bodies, to feel at home in our bodies, to feel our self-worth, safe and secure enough to create, to transform and be empowered. We are entering into the Scorpion phase of the year, it's the sign of spiritual transformation, its energy is primal, its symbolism is not only the scorpion, but also the phoenix; who rises from the ashes. If you can rise to the Phoenix level, to be the observer and the witness of all that is unfolding, you can rise from a place of grounded understanding and see the Divine plan for what it is. There are a lot of new light codes pouring onto our planet that we have never seen before, this is part of our integration but also our breakdown of the old. 

It is our courage, transmutation, and focus at this time that will help us stay in the energy of love, we must see everything as energy, understand that it shifts and nothing is permanent, that you can cultivate a greater sense of peace and equanimity by living from the heart.

Use this Full Moon to release, to burn away all that no longer serves you and make peace with all that dying within and without. 

Our transformation and transmutation doesn’t have to be scary, the breaking down of our old ways and healing our shadows can be emotionally intense, but feel into all that is coming up for you, so you can release and allow space for deeper growth to take place. This is a time of deep transformation and if you feel like you are going through a psychological crisis or feeling emotionally overwhelmed from a current intense situation or because past hurt or trauma is rising to the surface again, let it all out so you can finally heal. Now is a good time to do the shadow work - journal, speak to a counsellor if you feel that will help, or dance, sing and rage. There are primal dark emotions buried within you, give yourself permission to surrender and allow the deep and suppressed emotions to be pulled out of you.

We are in the midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, it is time to let go of the resistance to change in order to come out of stagnation and transform our lives. 

We have to remember to come back home to ourselves, come back to the medicine that we can create within ourselves, this is the place we can always come back to understand. We need to find the point of focus within ourselves and get curious about it, get curious in the quest for what you want from this life and for the person you envision becoming. This Full Moon is asking you to use this skin shedding energy to get you locked in to your own creative cycle, to set yourself powerful goals and to nurture yourself in a way that can get grounded and rooted in your being, enough to watch yourself flourish. 

This Full Moon falls on the final harvest Sabbat, Samhain, and the Celtic New Year, it is a time to honour all who have passed, and all that hasn’t come to fruition, both materially and spiritually. With death comes new life and the birth of a new cycle, this is your chance to say goodbye to all hardships of this year and welcome in new energy. 

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