Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Gemini

On December 12th 2019 we have the last Full Moon of the year, bringing with it a culmination of potent energies right before Eclipse Season begins and before we draw a close to the end of the decade!

As with any Full Moon, it is a time of release; issues being brought to light and illuminated to show you what needs to be let go of in preparation for a new cycle. 

This moon in particular is your chance to draw a line under the last 6 months and everything that has risen to the surface since July’s Eclipse. It is time to consummate, complete and consolidate so you can leave behind what is no longer in alignment with who you are now and step into 2020 feeling empowered. 

December’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Gemini, the sign of communication, ruled by Mercury at 19°51. The Full Moon, also known as the Cold Moon occurs during the rare triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. With Venus, love, relationships and money will be a major focus of this moon phase and for most people, it will be a difficult two weeks with Saturn creating delays and restrictions, and Pluto bringing fear and self doubt.

This moon is highlighting information and resources given to you from higher knowledge and is asking you to slow down enough to tune into the insights and wisdom you are being downloaded with. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed at this time of year, with the pressure of your workload and financial worries and struggles that seem to come hand in hand with this season. Opposing forces such as work life versus home life may leave you feeling out of balance and create an inner tension. Trying to juggle it all may leave you drained of energy, and during a Full Moon emotions are amplified so it is always a good idea to plan designated times to unplug and recharge in nature to relax and ground yourself. 

If you are feeling the pressure to “do it all” but in fact are getting nothing done, this is a sign you are burning the candle at both ends and could end up feeling manic and fatigued. For some, a Full Moon means goodbye restful night's sleep and hello insomnia. If this is you, take extra care of yourself by taking a hot bath with Lavender oil to help you sleep, meditate before bed and switch your phone on airplane mode!

During this Full Moon we are being guided to work through a deep reconnection with self-worth and self value. There is an energy that has a sense of wanting to support ourselves and show up for ourselves no matter how much we may be struggling. There is a sense of needing to take action even if that means compromising our health. The shadow side to this moon is the need to be independent and strong, we may feel like our power is diminished if we can’t support ourselves in the way we wish, or perform in a way we think we should be performing. Just because the end of the decade is nearing to a close, does not mean we have to force things just to feel a sense of completion. 

Observe any heavy emotions, impulsive behaviour, the feeling of insecurity or not being enough, or this role you have given yourself that you feel you need to play up to. These are the fear based worries that could be creeping up for you. Watch yourself within that energetic state, feel into what is coming up for you and realise that this is not who you are.

As we are nearing the end of the year, think about what habits, behavioural patterns and toxic situations you need to let go of in order to birth a new way of being. Writing down everything you are grateful for and what brings you joy is a good way to shine a light on the positive aspects of your life, this will also create space to realise what you need to eliminate in order to move forward.

On the Full Moon write down everything you are ready to let go of and burn it. As the words dissipate, visualise yourself being free from these burdens or worries. Say a little thank you prayer to the Universe and Mother Moon for freeing you of all that is no longer yours to carry. Doing a releasing ritual under the vibrations of this December Full Moon will offer extra support and guidance as you move towards your desired outcome.

There will be a deep healing vibration stirring just after the Full Moon peaks, Chiron, the asteroid of healing is going direct after being retrograde since July 8th, 2019. This means that in order to tap into these potent restorative energies we must be prepared to slow down and take a rest. Use this Full Moon energy to check in with yourself and let go of all that is dense and heavy.

With the polarity of Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius, we should be mindful of our thoughts and our intentions, and that we aren’t focusing our energy onto other people’s gossip or drama. As the famous saying goes.. “Loose lips sink ships”. We should be aware of these lower vibrations of mindless chatter and gossip between the community and focus our energy on building ideas instead of tearing people down.

Be kind to yourself under this Full Moon energy as there is an intensity, try focusing on the things that soothe and heal your soul as they will keep you present and grounded during the winter months. 

While this Full Moon may highlight issues in certain relationships, know that whatever comes to the surface is for you to heal from, and the best antidote is communication, openness and honesty. There is power in speaking your truth and self expression is the true medicine for your throat chakra and this Gemini moon.

This is the last Full Moon of 2019, you should take time to reflect on your journey through the year, all of the rituals you have done and all of the spiritual growth you have endured. Go back through your moon journal and read through all of your intentions and take a moment to honour your progress.

If you can remember the New Moon in Gemini back in June and the intentions you set, you should start seeing those goals and wishes coming into fruition around this time! 

Whether you have achieved all that you set out to do or not, you deserve to stop and take a deep breath. Exhale a big sigh of relief, and relax your entire body, you have made it through another year. Now is a time of infinite possibilities, and the dawn of a new beginning awaits you.

One more piece of Moon Magick for you.. this Full Moon rises at 12:12am on the 12/12.. make a wish cosmic ones!

Many many blessings on this December Full Moon xxx


  • Phil

    Potent indeed. Ending the decade strong and sighted, ready for the next chapter to begin. Go get that quad Twelve strength wishing.

  • Christine King

    Absolutely 100% resonates with me. Beautifully written and very accurate. I love Samantha’s blogs always so accurate and she explains in such detail the effects of the moons each month. Well done Sam looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  • Holly

    So spot on and Insightful as always 💗

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