Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Gemini 2022

The last Full Moon of the year is almost here, rising on December 7th in the mutable sign of Gemini, and is an invitation to explore the depths of our innermost selves, to reconnect with our divine nature, and to come into alignment with the duality of our physical and spiritual realities. The energy of the Gemini twins is one of power and mysticism, calling us to recognise and embrace our duality, and to integrate both our human and soul selves as one.

This Full Moon may act as a trigger, reigniting or reawakening areas that were stirred during the Blood Moon Eclipse of November. This full moon serves as a reminder to us of the power of duality, both in ourselves and in the world around us, making this the perfect time to tune in to our intuition and explore our inner depths so that we may better understand what is serving us and what is needing to be released.

As we embrace the full moon in Gemini, one of the key things to remember is that this is a time of illumination, and with any full moon, a powerful time of transformation and renewal. Areas of our life, relationships and our shadow will be in the spotlight under this full moon, making this the perfect time to let go of any old habits or patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us, and to open ourselves up to new perspectives and possibilities.

This is an ideal time to be open to fresh and exciting ideas, to let go of our ego and admit what has been holding us back, and to take risks in order to move forward. Gemini is an air which means that it’s associated with communication, flexibility, and adaptability. When harnessing the energy of this full moon, it is important to be open to the possibilities that come our way, no matter how afraid we might be to take the risk. Use this as a stepping stone to reach out to people, ask questions, and explore new ways of being. This full moon is also a great time to take a closer look at our relationships and how we can improve them.

Relationships might be under the microscope during this time, explore your communication and be mindful of the words you choose to use, think about how your words may be impacting others. What comes out in mindless fleeting moments can stay with a person forever, impacting their world and their beliefs. Take some time to focus on your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, and to nurture your relationships with the people in your life.

Mars is Conjunct the Full Moon in Gemini and it is currently retrograde, amplifying its energy creating a more heated and charged atmosphere. Let your emotions flow freely and do not be afraid to express your anger. Anger, when expressed in the right way, can be healthy and it is good to get the energy off your chest and out of your body. Take the time to reflect on what your anger says about you and your deepest values. Let it be a reminder of what is worth spending your energy on, and what needs to be released. Allow yourself to exist as a human with all the complexities that come with it.

There is a feeling of being pulled in two directions, with a powerful urge to act and an equally powerful urge to pause and reflect. This Full Moon is a time of intense inner reflection and soul searching, and with the presence of Mars retrograde we are being asked to take a deep look into our motivations and actions, and to consider how our choices reflect our highest values. This is a moment to take a philosophical perspective, to contemplate the deeper meanings of our actions and decisions, and to strive to make choices that are in alignment with our deepest desires.

It takes courage to stay true to yourself, your values, and your boundaries. To master the art of healthy expression of anger and intense emotions, it is important to practice. Don't give up; keep trying, no matter how difficult it is. Don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong or apologise if you need to, let your ego go so that you can learn how to communicate and honour your needs in a healthier way. 

Under this Full Moon, focus on your spiritual growth and pay attention to the guidance of your intuition. The Universe is communicating to you and the questions you are asking are being answered, you just have to tune in and pay attention. 

This full moon is a powerful time to connect with our higher selves, to manifest our dreams, and to make changes in our lives. During this time, we can use our creative powers to manifest our goals and bring our dreams into reality.

Take time to get creative and focus on yourself. Self-care is a must during these intense times. This is a great opportunity to express yourself in new and exciting ways. Channel your creative expression through art, music, or writing, and to explore new outlets for your creativity.

By being mindful of our words, taking time for self-care, and exploring our creativity, we can harness the powerful magickal energies of this full moon and use them to create powerful transformations in our lives.

This Full Moon is encouraging us to accept and embrace our feelings, to expand our horizons, and to explore the boundaries we have set for ourselves. This is a time for us to embrace our journey and embrace the unknown, to push ourselves and grow, to take risks and to find our stability. We can use this energy to gain insight into our journey, to understand and to explore our limits, and to manifest the life we desire.

No matter what is presented to you under the energy of this Full Moon, strive to nurture both the human and spiritual aspects of yourself. Reconnect with these parts of yourself as though you were rekindling an old friendship. Listen deeply to what they have to say, show them the utmost respect, and balance will naturally come to you.

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