Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Libra 2021

The Full SuperMoon peaks at 7:48pm UK time on the 28th of March at 8.08° of Libra, and is one of the largest moons of the year with it being closer to earth in its orbit, which will have greater effects on our emotions, the oceans and tectonic plates, but also carrying with it some beautiful and potent heart healing energies, protection, and harmony.

The Supermoon in Libra will be bringing up themes around balance, relationships, diplomacy, and partnerships. The Sun has been transiting through Aries, inspiring us to take bold action on our dreams and desires as well as explore our independence and cultivate a deeper sense of “I am” energy to see what it is we truly want and understand who we are as an individual. The Moon in Libra is asking us to check in with our relationships to evaluate whether they are in balance but also in alignment with our values, boundaries and the vision we have set for ourselves.

This Moon is allowing us a chance to navigate all aspects of our relationships to feel into where we might have imbalances. The questions being asked are where might we be compromising our needs for the sake of peace? Are we giving too much of our time to others and draining our energy? Where do we need more alignment? Are we being fair and diplomatic in our relationships or do we expect too much of others? Finding balance is key under the influence of this Full Moon.

The Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus, so there are beautiful opportunities here for relationships to flourish and bring us closer together to the ones we love, however if there are areas of conflict in our partnerships and there are imbalances that we aren’t addressing then there are things that may become highlighted at this Full Moon. There is an opportunity to work through imbalances because Libra wants connection, it wants things to flow and to work in harmony. We are being challenged at this Full Moon if there is work to be done within relationships because things can’t stay on a surface level anymore, we can't live in disharmony for the greater good of ourselves and those closest to us. We must dive deep and be with ourselves and our “I am” before we can give ourselves to others.

Full Moons are about releasing, they are a completion energy and a culmination of energy being brought to the surface for us to close something out, and particularly with Libra, this moon could be shining a light on relationship issues, maybe something is coming to a close.

At this Full Moon, we have the Sun, Chiron, and Venus all in a tight conjunction at 8° of Aries, and this forms a strengthening of what we have been healing through 2020 and this strength is carried through with the Sun in Aries, bringing confidence and a sense of courage as a reminder of what we have been moving through and healing is supported at this time.

As Venus aligns with the Sun, she is moving into a pivotal point on her cycle into the evening star, and symbolically when Venus shifts into this other part of her journey which will start right after this Full Moon, this is an emphasis for Venusian self-love. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure and joy, and here we find her shining her magick on self-love and self-worthiness as we delve deeper into a relationship with ourselves. This energy shift is all about learning to love ourselves and work with the lessons and gifts of our shadow. 

Chiron is the wounded healer and he is a teacher of wisdom, here at this conjunction to help us understand our wounds and our shadow aspects so we can strengthen and empower ourselves. The message here is to embrace what we perceive to be our flaw or shadow and embrace all of who we are so we can learn from these understandings of the self.

This is a very healing moon, about finding harmony and balance, about embracing who you are and self acceptance on your journey and utilising your journey as something that empowers you and others around you rather than disempower. 

The medicine of this moon is calling us back home to ourselves, to come back to what we have been healing on our journey to feel safe in the world in our full expression of self. There is a strength of self emerging with this Aries influence, around self-leadership, trusting your gut and what feels right for you, allowing the inspiration of new beginnings to carry you forward. Now is a time to be excited and embrace the new waves of energy that are coming through. This Full Moon is a turning point, where we are being shown the patterns of self and the patterns we have been repeating that may have hindered our growth in the past and kept us small. This Full Moon will shine a light on a new way of being. 

This moon has big heart healing energy so self-care and you time is a must. Check in with yourself first to see how you are feeling on an emotional level before you try to fix any external relationships. Libra highlights relationships and the one we have with ourselves must be our number one priority. We can’t pour from an empty cup. Find time for relaxation through something that helps you feel nurtured, loved and secure. 

Happy Full Moon my loves, please leave a comment below!

Love & Magick always xxx

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