Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Taurus 2019

On Tuesday 12th we have a very beautiful and abundant Full Moon in Taurus, here to bring supportive and nurturing energies and an opportunity to slow down and tune in. Throughout the month of November we have huge quantities of expansive energy that is available for us to tap into, we just need to remember our worth, trust that we are enough and that we are worthy to receive.

We have the Sun in Scorpio, the Moon is transitioning into Taurus, and right in the middle of this we have Mercury retrograde in Scorpio which is even more of a reason to slow down and connect back in. For some, Mercury retrograde is a time people resist, because they are always so wrapped up in “doing” rather than just “being”. When we have Mercury retrograde it can be like meditation; we can use this time to take a rest from the overused mind that’s always thinking and planning. Find contentedness in this energy, use this energy to take a deep breath and don’t resist the gifts that Mercury retrograde brings.

This Scorpio energy is about looking inside your relationships, facing your fears, your demons, the darker side of life and your shadow, and during all of this we are being asked to dive deep and tap into our authenticity. This is a time for healing our deepest roots, and in order to fully heal we can’t wear our masks and pretend things are ok. If the things that don’t feel right and the things that need to be addressed are coming up during this time, honour them and see if you can release them with the Full Moon.

The energies of November are reprogramming our mind, taking in deeper understandings around the Scorpio themes of power, fear, emotion, drive, passion and deep soul healing. The Taurus Full Moon is here to balance us and bring us back down to Earth, the moon is here to soften us, help us ground and give us permission to take a break when needed. There’s a lot happening in our lives, in our emotional body and in our mind, there are shifts in our auras and our cosmic DNA with this Scorpio energy shifting and cleansing.

Do whatever you can to keep yourself grounded during this month, whatever it takes to balance your energy field. Take a moment to slow down, to ground and centre yourself and call your energy back to present time, back into your body.

Scorpio energy is what’s hidden, your underworld, everything that is in the dark, your hidden magick. This is where we operate in our unconscious minds, the things we don’t know are driving us, or blocking us.

Taurus energy is what’s above the ground, it’s what we can see, what we know, what we are comfortable with, what we can feel into. When we feel we are split between our mind and our heart, our emotional world and what we are thinking, it can make us feel off centre and scattered. There is a need to pay attention to this Full Moon and all it is bringing up for you. As always a Full Moon illuminates things we wouldn’t usually see and it is from these darker places that messages come to us.

This moon is super creative and is an immensely powerful manifesting Full Moon. It is very practical, excellent for setting goals and bringing them to life in your world. Are you ready to learn new things, to seek, to have a new adventure? What excites you and what inspires you? What big expectations do you have, what kind of life do you dream of?

This moon has special energy that reminds us to love ourselves, to accept ourselves and believe in a bigger possibility. It is activating the Divine Feminine within us all, and it is asking you to ground into a deep sense of self-love. There are strong feminine and intuitive energies at play here, this moon is tied to the harvest and what we have grown within and all around us, it holds a rejuvenating and nurturing energy. We are allowed to take time out to build things at our own pace and construct things when we’re ready. Taurus energy gives us permission to slow down and take our time so we can surrender and soften into any changes happening.

We may be feeling a lot of judgement in our lives at this moment, you could catch yourself feeling judgemental towards others or you could notice you are being judgemental towards yourself. Where are you self judging? What is your inner dialogue saying about yourself?

When you put too much pressure on yourself to achieve a certain goal, or be a certain way, it will start to feel like a heavy burden and eventually it will weigh you down. This moon is giving us permission to sit down, sit still, to just be. You're allowed to be here right now. You don’t need to judge every single thing you do all day long. You don’t need to over analyse everything that happens throughout your day. You don't need to feel like a failure just because things didn't work out the way you had hoped.

During this Full Moon really take time out, tune in to what is coming up for you. Are you slowing down enough to hear the messages? Honour where you are in your life. Slow down to receive the confirmation you are on the right path, and to where you need to focus your energy. When you are still, you have greater clarity for thinking on the changes you are supposed to make. Give yourself permission to just be. To stop for a moment and take everything in. Give yourself permission to let that person in to your life, to love you that little bit more. Give yourself permission to be heard, to love yourself more and to be loved by others. Be mindful of what areas of your life this Full Moon is illuminating for you. 

There is deep activation from the Cosmos, that is reminding us about the unlimited potential of the universe. There are unlimited ways to manifest our desires, to tap into the infinite energy stream of the Cosmos to manifest and create the life we desire. We can have anything we want, our dreams can come true, we just have to be patient for these possibilities to line up.

During your Full Moon meditation tune into the wisdom that comes to you, it doesn't have to be deep or profound, don’t think too much about it, just trust what answers are coming through. Often the best guidance is clear and crisp. Even though we might not understand how the magick will unfold for us, we can at least trust that these messages are meant to serve our highest good.

This is a month full of supportive energy and it is time to let go of what has been holding you back, but you need to claim this power and the responsibility it comes with to focus on where you are going next on your journey. Use the abundant energy of this Full Moon to set yourself goals for the long and short term, write down what you want to bring into your life and give thanks to Mother Moon for all you have asked for. As I always say, the secret to manifesting is to say thank you before you say please.

If you feel something hasn’t come into fruition, or has been delayed or denied, the universe doesn’t hold back what is truly meant for you, it just shows up on a different timeline. Things will connect when they are meant to, there is a timeline that has to unfold first before the magick can happen, so stay positive and keep the faith, and trust with your heart that you will get what you asked for.

The Taurus Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity for closure, for release and for harvesting your rewards! Remember that you are worthy and you are exactly where you are meant to be. 

Wishing you a beautiful and abundant Full Moon in Taurus xxx


  • Phil

    Powerfully evocative words for the internal and external journey. You’ve delivered once again. Enjoy the bountiful rewards that this moon brings to you.

  • Charnelle

    Just read your blog & it flows so well! Every bit of it resonated & I love the way you’ve written, it’s really down to Earth & understandable. Thank you for sharing such amazing insights! ☺✨🙏🌙 I’m fully feeling all the things you’ve mentioned in there! xx

  • Holly

    A magical and inspiring read as always! ❤️🌕✨

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