Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Virgo 2021

The Full Moon is exact at 8°57 minutes of Virgo, 8:17pm UK time on the 27th February. I love this Full Moon as it's the transitional phase on the great Wheel of the Year from one season to another, February’s Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon and it's the perfect reminder before we transition into Spring to honour our inward journey and reflect on winter's wisdom. Tonight is the perfect time to meditate and journal on what it is you want to take with you into Spring and what you want to leave behind. 

The February Full Moon is a good time to work magick for purification, healing, growth, responsibility, forgiveness, love of yourself and new plans. Virgo is associated with the “Virgin’ Goddess, and is a potent time to delve into Sacred Feminine work and align with that wild woman within. So tonight you can work on releasing anything that may be stopping you becoming her.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication so you may be feeling the need to honour yourself more by speaking your truth. Now is a good time to let go of the need to please others and prioritise your wants and needs as a sovereign being! Know your worth and voice your dreams, express with authenticity and speak like the Universe is listening! 

Full Moons are about releasing, and tonight is a powerful threshold to shed your old skin and step into a new. Both Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon are skilled at letting go, Virgo in the physical/material world and Pisces in the Spiritual realm. Virgo energy helps discard unwanted stagnation, and anything that gets in the way of productivity, while Pisces surrenders to the ebb and flow of life, dissolving away emotions once you have felt them all. When they are aligned like this there is a huge opportunity for deep healing, and devotion to self. 

Any Full Moon is a time of celebration, and tonight feels like a good time to celebrate all of our growth this past year. For many of us, it’s been a year of deep transformation and metamorphosis, continually peeling back layers and shedding what no longer serves us. So tonight give yourself permission to honour and celebrate you under these expansive and healing energies of Virgo.

Full Moon Blessings xxx


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