Intuitive Astrology: Full Super Moon in Virgo 2020

On Monday 9th March we are going to be under the illuminating power of the Virgo Super Full Moon at 19 degrees. This is the last Full Moon before the start of the astrological new year, making this a potent time for releasing what is no longer worthy of carrying forward, healing, and accepting that not everything is meant to stay in our lives. 

The Virgo SuperMoon is a bringer of truth, and Neptune will be opposing this Full Moon, the planet that rules the spiritual realm and the watery flow of creativity, guiding us to pay close attention to our intuition and dreams. 

Just as the Full Moon peaks, Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury stations direct, signalling the end of it’s retrograde, and having these two energies combined is going to be very transformational for us. It will be asking us to assess our self worth, our value, our boundaries and the way we use our Mercurial minds to create the narrative in our lives.

Virgo is an earth sign and its energy is associated with the Goddess, with the cyclicality that comes from flowing with the earth and tuning in to her natural rhythms and the wisdom that unfolds when we embody her cycles.

This is a really powerful energy, and with Neptune opposing this Full Moon in 18 degrees of Pisces is very much about fantasy, and dreaming up our deepest desires. The shadow side of the Neptunian energy is we can be taken into places of fear or darkness, into narratives that can feel very scary or untrue, you may feel yourself questioning certain energy in your life right now and this may cause misunderstandings between you and others that can lead to all manner of confusing feelings and problems in your life. 

With this Full Moon there is an illumination of what is true, and if you are tuning in to your inner guidance system you will be becoming aware of what this means for you.

There is a sorting out of what is going on in your life, of what is really true and honest, and what is bubbling based on fear and insecurities. Tune in to the narratives that feel true to you and honour what your gut is telling you to let go of.  

As with every Full Moon, there is a culmination point, and what this moon is bringing to light for you will be something that you hold very close to your heart. Is all how it seems? What is your intuition trying to tell you and have you been listening?

No matter what rises to the surface for you this month, try and view every situation from a place of spirit rather than ego. If something is trying to leave your life, let it go with grace. 

“Please help me to release and let go of _________ With loving acceptance and grace”

Virgo energy always wants to get to the truth, and find clarity on any situation, there could be a sense of self sabotaging under this energy around areas in your life that require a bit more of your time and energy. 

Are you maintaining commitments or obligations that aren't serving you? This moon is going to illuminate where you should be more truthful with yourself.

What areas are you avoiding and are you playing small by only half committing to something? Are you taking one step forward and two steps back? Think about what areas you aren’t fully committing to and own where you want to take the next leap moving forward. Choose to let yourself fully explore whatever it is you need to explore, this is your chance to let go of what no longer serves you and make a commitment to something that will set your soul on fire.

The Virgo Full Moon is asking us to open up our hearts, and stay present during these potent energies. This is a Super Moon, meaning that it’s closer to Earth in its orbit and will heighten emotions and intensity, making this the ideal time to focus on your own well-being and health in general. 

Take time to check in with your heart, what does it say? What does it feel? What is your gut trying to tell you? Sit in mediation and feel what comes up for you. Now is a good time to honour your healing journey, reflect and give yourself gratitude from how much you have grown over the last 6 months since the New Moon in Virgo. 

The moon is always a conduit of truth, of checking in with our innate rhythms, the cyclicality of our existence rather than the linear narrative, the Full Moon always reminds us of our cycle and that we have the opportunity to shed, release and renew monthly, no matter what phase of our life we are in.

The energy of this Full moon is crystallised, its impactful and it wants us to see something for what it truly is.

Above all else this Moon is about self trust and self acknowledgement. Don't diminish your power, or try and downplay a situation that doesn't feel right to you. Own your truth, shine your light and know that you are worthy of love, of healing, of a fresh start and trust that you are Divinely guided and protected the whole way.

Full Moon Blessings xxx




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