Intuitive Astrology: Libra Super Full Moon April 2020

You might have a strong need for balance and harmony right now, with the world very much at a standstill and with fear spreading so fast it's palpable, we are going through a rebirthing process, a wave of higher consciousness sweeping through the planet whilst old paradigms crumble around us. We are moving into a new age of being, one born out of love, our birthright. 

The Full Moon in Libra at 18 degrees, rises on April 7th 7:34pm PST and 3:34am on the 8th UK time, this is the moon’s closest point in orbit to earth in 2020, making this a very strong and powerful supermoon.

The Full Moon has a strong gravitational pull and affects the earth's tectonic plates, the tides, as well as our emotions and our psyche. The moon represents our emotions, and as it reaches its final peak in the moon cycle, our emotions and feelings are also brought to ahead. 

As with every Full Moon it’s a culmination of energy, a point of completion, a time to release and let go, and this Full Moon illuminates what is shifting, what is no longer serving and what is falling away. This moon phase is shining a light on what is no longer working and highlighting what is really important to us.

We are being challenged to look at how we are holding on to who we think we need to be, who we think we need to perform as, and to let go of all that we think we’re supposed to be. It is asking us to challenge the way we have been dreaming, and feeding into our fantasies and escapism, and if this is going to affect the way we move through this new world, once we have learned to appreciate and value ourselves.

This moon is looking at power structures, within the government, with old ways, with ourselves and what we thought we needed.

The Libra Full Moon always happens during Aries season, the season of the warrior where the sun is transiting through a powerful rebirthing time of initiation and determination. 

This moon is happening around the time of Good Friday and Easter, whether you are religious or not, there is great symbolism around death and rebirth.

In Farmer’s Almanac tradition, the April Full Moon was given the name The Full Egg Moon. Eggs are symbolic of spring's new life, growth, and possibility. This is a time to channel inner growth, beauty, harmony and balance in all things.

This Full Moon is all about empowering yourself through seeking balance and appreciation for your own wants and needs, and although Libra energy wants to love everyone, keep the peace, and often put others first, we must now more than ever learn to find equilibrium with others and learn to seek balance in ourselves and to put our own needs first. We must learn to be honest with what we need at our core, and be comfortable enough to express those needs. Do not be afraid to be who you really are, despite what is expected of you.

Libra is the sign of relationships and is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and harmony, we are being called to look at how we can bring more pleasure and peace into our lives. There is a strong focus around how we use our time to be present with ourselves as well as serving others. Are you in lock down with your loved ones? Are you being present and enjoying every minute spending more time with each other? How are you coping with this new routine vs rushing off on long schedules and in different directions?

Are these new ways bringing feelings of love and gratitude to the surface?

This moon is very much about the relationship with self. Symbolised by the scales, Libra energy allows us to see ourselves and situations from both sides of the coin. If you live alone, the feelings around relationships might become more appreciated, maybe you realise how more valuable loving relationships are during this time and the need for connection.

During this very unprecedented time of isolation and lockdown, can we deeply get in touch with ourselves? Can we use this time to do the inner work to dig deep into ourselves and learn to love ourselves?

So much of our life usually consists of rushing and doing, we get so caught up in the feeling of constantly needing to do, to be somewhere, to achieve something.. Can we use this rare opportunity to sit with ourselves long enough to understand who we are and what is important to us? 

Instead of thinking of what is going on as ‘externally imposed control’ can you alter your mindset and try to see this time as a self chosen holistic retreat, a choice you made to journey inwards and get to know yourself properly. This is an opportunity to expand your spiritual consciousness, read all of the self help books you have been hoarding, a chance to learn a new craft, decorate the house, take up exercise. 

Use this time as a retreat for love, a retreat for self care, if you can do this we can change our resistance and level of gratitude and appreciation for this time.

If we can drop into a lighter mindset, we can choose to be grateful for this time at home to do all of the things we complained we didn’t have time to before.

The key is to react to everything that is unfolding (even if they are difficult) as if we have chosen them. This can increase our gratitude, appreciation and our love, and diminish the incoherent and chaotic energy within us.

There is a lot of Aquarian energy unfolding right now, and that is linked to kundalini awakening, third eye activation and ascension, the tapestry of our reality is vibrating at a higher frequency, everything as we know it is shifting and changing, more light is flooding in and now at this time we are becoming more sensitive to the downloads. We are in the process of a cosmic DNA upgrade and now more than ever do we need to be tapping out and tuning in. 

We may be on lockdown but we have been gifted with time, is it possible that we can still achieve a sense of freedom on a spiritual and ascension level? If we can achieve that then this will be a great gift from this period of time. 

We are in the midst of a great awakening, life as we know it is changing, and I feel for the greater good. Everything is a journey, of levelling up and reaching higher states of being, we are growing, evolving, and our planet is healing. 

Remember that we are all spiritually connected, we are all one big expansion of the same consciousness, we all breathe the same air, we are one, and our love is sacred. 

Use this moon to expand your consciousness, radiate your love out to the world, to your family, your friends and your neighbours, try to get out of your head and drop into your heart. We need community more than ever right now, we need more heartfelt decisions, less fear and more love.

Ask your angels and spirit guides to channel through you at this time, ask how you can be of service to this new earth. Let them guide you and shine your light.

With Love xxx


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