Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries falls on the 24th March 2020, and with it bringing a new burst of fresh energy, albeit rather intense! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, meaning that this is the start of the astrological new year, and New Moons signal the start of a new lunar cycle, so we are bursting into a transformative time of year, and there are very strong themes playing out right now around new beginnings and fresh starts.

On March 19th-20th the Sun moved into Aries, and we welcomed in the Spring Equinox, signifying a point of perfect balance between light and dark, masculine and feminine and within and without. We can use this balance found on the Equinox to honour the dark and the light within. During the Equinox the veil between dimensions is thin, making this a potent time to receive guidance and signs from Spirit or the Universe. 

New Moons are always a time for wiping the slate clean, resetting and setting new intentions, and the Aries New Moon is always the most powerful for manifesting, and planting seeds. This is one of the most impactful New Moons of the year and right in the midst of very bumpy and tumultuous times.

This New Moon is coming off of some really big energetic shifts, after a string of potent cosmic events, including the Equinox, the Mars Jupiter Conjunction, and the most pivotal, Saturn moving into Aquarius. 

We have emerged into spring, into a fresh perspective, and there is an innocent hope and rejuvenation to this time of year where we’re supposed to be feeling free, alive, ready to burst into a new way of being, but with everything that is unfolding globally we are feeling that resistance and uncertainty.

There is a new way of moving through the world, we are learning to be in a new modality, going back to basics and relearning, processing a huge amount of information and new paradigms. 

This New Moon brings up a lot of old fears and old patterns, questions concerning how we have done things before now and how we can move forward with new approaches and with a new found sense of purpose and gratitude. 

During this time, prayers and intentions are being heard louder than ever before, the power to manifest is becoming stronger as so many of us around the world are turning inward to cultivate our inner paradise, thus raising our vibration and frequency. 

We are being called to use our own inner resources, strengthen our faith, extend our love as well as rely on ourselves to soothe and heal. We are learning to listen to our inner fears and channel them into love at this time, as well as trust our inner voice and guidance system. There is no greater teacher than our heart and the wisdom that resides within, so now more than ever we should be connecting to our own personal power for healing.

Aries energy is reminding us that we are empowered individuals, we are empowered to act and move in a way that is authentic to us, it is not up to anyone else to choose our fear, our anxiety, or our hope for us. We are being called to sit with whatever is coming up for us, and during this New Moon there is going to be more questions rising to the surface than answers. It is our job to feel into those questions, feel into our fears, feel into why we feel a certain or why we feel we need to live a certain way. 

Can you break down old belief systems, can you go deeper and take time to really look at your life right now without needing answers or the need to rush towards an end goal? Can you ask yourself why you feel you need to be taking action all of the time, or need a sense of completing something in order to affirm your existence? Can you just be? We have been given the perfect opportunity for stillness and to learn about ourselves on a much deeper level.

The Aries New Moon is an extremely powerful time to set intentions for the year ahead and for what you want to bring into your life, but I can’t help but get an overwhelming sense that instead of asking the Universe for something and telling Spirit what we want, we should be surrendering and opening our hearts to whatever Spirit and the Universe wants from us.

During this time we need only 3 magickal ingredients, faith, love and hope. Surrender to the path that is unfolding for us, and offer your services up to the Divine.

How can you become a vessel for Spirit? How can you surrender to the path that is meant for you?  How can you allow Spirit to channel through you and take the lead in your life and show you the way forward?

We are now in a time of collective/planetary healing, we are all aware of how interconnected we are right now and how precious life is. We are in a time of evolutionary transformation and the quest to go deeper is finally here, if you have been questioning your role and service to our planet at this time then you are listening to the call.

Sometimes the most powerful intentions we can set is to surrender to the call of the Divine, Spirit, God, Universe, or however you perceive your higher power to be, and allow it to show you exactly where to flow as we all head towards a new revolutionary way of being.

This New Moon marks a new beginning for our soul and we are learning to trust the truth inside of us. 

New Moon Blessings xxx


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