Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Taurus 2020

The Sun and the Moon are conjunct at 3 degrees of Taurus and 23 minutes, this is the union of masculine and feminine, yin and yang, a cosmic hug in the sky and a powerful synergy of energy before the moon continues onward on her journey. At every New Moon we are being asked to seed an intention, to bring together our own masculine and feminine, unite them and solidify what is ready to be planted at this time.

We are at the dawn of a brand new beginning, now is a good time to put energy towards what you want to manifest into your life, as well as the changes we wish to see in this world, so that it can grow and develop over the next lunar cycle.

The New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd/23rd is following on from the powerful Full Moon in Libra which was here to illuminate truth and highlight our power, through the release of that Full Moon we were given an opportunity to see through the cobwebs and uncover more of our authenticity and what we needed to release to make space for honest mental clarity. This New Moon will be taking us into deeper places, helping us to progress forward on our journey, individually and collectively.  

The New Moon activates a conversation between Uranus and Saturn, both of these huge cosmic influences are moving through the early degrees of Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius bringing a revolutionary spirit, helping us to get back to some important fundamentals and bring about some dynamic changes as we go through these radical shifts. Uranus is often seen as the wildcard of the stars, so we should expect the unexpected, especially in the slower and steadier sign of Taurus, we should allow time for the magick to unfold by holding space to fully integrate what is rapidly changing around us.

Taurus energy is asking us to lean into what our true nature is and challenge what it is not.

We are being encouraged to move through this new world with a sense of liberation, we have been given the opportunity to break down old paradigms so that we can birth a new. Our opportunity to build a brighter future is here, under the power of the Taurus New Moon, we are being called to harness the methodical, slow and steady steps needed to take action towards a new world we wish to create.

Under the Taurus energy it’s time to think about our self-esteem and our beliefs surrounding our self-worth.

Everyone is experiencing this revolutionary time differently, depending on your level of stability, fear can be emphasised, and we must draw on this grounding and stabilisation energy of Taurus to help bring clarity and focus into our lives. We can do this by spending more time in nature, going within and dropping into the ever present now. 

During a New Moon the sky is dark, she is in her dark moon phase, and during the new moon cycle it is the perfect opportunity for us to mirror her darkness by resting and re-cooperating and going within.

We have been through some catastrophic changes over the past few weeks and fear is ever present, we are being asked to sit with this fear, with our darkness and rest in our shadow so that we may understand what it is we must learn to face. 

Acknowledging our deepest fears can be overwhelming and trigger a lot of anxiety and upset, but in order to grow and move through this darkness we must learn to understand what is behind these triggers and why we fear what we fear. 

Use this New Moon to sit with all that holds you back, identify your fears and allow yourself to understand them. Write them down, tell someone close to you about them, cry and let it out. Simply by bringing them to the surface we can start to unravel the unknown, use this moon to start your journey inwards for greater healing for yourself. 

Taurus is the sign closely connected to Mother Earth so this is the perfect time to set an intention for the earth. What kind of earth do we want to live in moving forward? What positive energy can we call on for the healing of our beautiful mother?

We are weaving our future into being in every moment, with every vibration of energy we broadcast out, whether that be love or fear, determines what frequency we get back. 

We must remember how powerful we are and what our thoughts can achieve alone. We are constantly broadcasting a frequency match, if we are broadcasting fear, we are more likely to attract more fearful experiences into our lives, if we live in love, we can expect to attract beautiful and positive experiences, there is always frequency match in our inner and outer reality.

We have to become more conscious about what frequencies we cast out, if we can project and broadcast higher level emotions, we can draw in a powerful shift for ourselves and the collective. 

Taurus is connected to nature, our great mother, beauty, colour, and abundance, and we can draw on its energies for a deeper connection to nature at this time. Taurus season is the perfect time to practise stillness, being in nature and practising love and appreciation for all sentient beings can help us by not only raising our frequency but dropping into our heart space so we can be held.

Although we may not be able to physically put ourselves in nature or our favourite place during this time, we can still take ourselves to our favourite place in our mind! It could be by a lake, a mountain, or whatever feels like a peaceful sanctuary to you, try and take yourself here as much as possible so that you can raise your vibration. 

With Taurus energy our senses are heightened, it is all about embodying pleasure, our sense of smell, our colour, hearing, taste, and emotions are magnified and we can tune into these heightened senses by just being in nature. Draw on the healing ions from the earth for grounding by simply having your bare feet on the earth. It is through our connection to the earth that we draw in our power and strength.

Our mother provides all that we need for nourishment and healing, all we have to do is give ourselves permission to slow down enough to be present.

With the New Moon in Taurus, we are finding a new sense of purpose, one that comes from a grounded understanding, we are learning how to thrive and be most alive in our bodies as well as our mind while also attuning to the earth and her wants and needs. Mother Earth has been warning us for a while that drastic change must come, and that it is upto us to take on the responsibility to leave very little trace upon her, and to learn to live harmoniously alongside her, in true balance. 

During this new pace of life, enjoy it for what it is, revel in this rare opportunity to be still and be present. Allow your vibration to emit so powerfully to your loved ones and our planet, allow it to flood into your entire being, nourish yourself on every level and be grateful for this time to ourselves.

Use this time to give yourself permission to dream up your perfect life, cast your vision out into the Universe and ask for a better way of living for all.

Now is the time to set intentions for a new way of being, can you manifest something that holds a promise for a brighter tomorrow?

Although the familiarity of the past can feel safe, it can also cause stagnation, when we feel comfortable we discourage change, and even though the past can be our guide, if we really start to embrace change for the greater good of all beings, the promise of hope and a brighter future can lead us down a much greater path. 

This is our opportunity to upgrade our lives for the better, and with the New Moon in Taurus it is time to plant the seeds of change. 

What will you plant so that you can grow a better future for yourself and your home?

Happy New Moon,

Love and Magick always,

Samantha xxx


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