Intuitive Astrology: Pisces Full Moon

This Month’s Full Moon falls on Friday 13th and is in the beautifully dreamy and intuitive sign of Pisces. This Moon is a
highly Piscean, Neptunian Full Moon because it’s emphasised by the Moon being conjunct with Neptune. Its energy is ethereal, inspiring, and has the potential to spark something beautiful within us. 

The occurrence of a Full Moon on Friday the 13th is actually very rare. It previously happened on the 13th of October 2000, and won’t happen again until 13th August, 2049. So, I think this calls for a big celebration and for naked dancing in the woods, don’t you?

This September Full Moon is also referred to as the Harvest Moon, as it is the last Full Moon before Mabon, or Autumn Equinox, and with the turn of the wheel and the changing of seasons, comes a time of introspection and reflection. Symbolically it is a time to harvest all that we have sewn, and reap the rewards of all you have achieved since the Summer Solstice (Litha) back in June.

Themes coming up during this Full Moon are questions of personal power, and how we have used our power to our advantage. Have we stayed on track, focused and in our power, have we been working hard and playing by the rules? Have we lorded our power over other people, or have we given our power away? There's big focus around responsibility, and how we have handled our responsibility. This all ties in with the harvest, and being honest with ourselves about the amount of hard work we have put in to see good results. Are there things that didn’t come to pass for you? Is there something you had to let go of in order to create space for growth? 
Think back to the start of the year, who were you then? Who are you now? What have you learned, and how have you changed? Can you truly say there's a part of you that's died to get you to where you are now? Transformation is a beautiful process and should be acknowledged.

Full Moons are a time to release, and Harvest Moons carry a very special cleansing energy, so if there’s something you don’t want to bring with you into the season of rest, then this is the perfect time to let it go. As with any Full Moon emotions tend to come to ahead, particularly in a water sign - and in this case; the most sensitive of the water signs. You may have heightened feelings and an incredible sense of compassion and psychic sensitivity. Be mindful of any unresolved emotions coming to the surface, this moon could trigger even the deepest of buried emotions.

Use the energy of this moon to sit with whatever is coming up for you, let your emotions and feelings rise to the surface and see if you can observe them without attaching too much and worrying about the outcome or how to resolve them. You may find that there are lessons to be learned or a message coming up for you.

This Pisces, Neptunian Moon is about calling on the Divine for inspiration, a higher guidance to help us on our spiritual journey and our spiritual practice.
Find time to raise your vibration and try and shift into an altered state of consciousness. The more you tune in and be present, and the more you switch your mindset to a positive one, the more light guidance you will receive. You can do this by being in nature, meditating, listening to healing music or candle gazing, amongst many other things.

Under the light of this Full Moon think about what you can do to push your projects forward, the energy coming through this month is showering us with downloads of inspiration and is a good time to manifest our desires. So to utilise this energy make sure you stay grounded and focused on your projects. Go barefoot where possible, meditate often and visualise whatever it is that you want to achieve.

Remember that manifesting is always most powerful and efficient when working energetically. You have to become the energy you want to create, immerse yourself in whatever it is you want, visualise it and be that person you want to become. 

Set a clear intention of what you want to manifest and make it the present tense - “I have, or I am” rather than “I hope to” or “I would like” - say, do and act like it’s already happening, then visualise whatever it is you want to achieve. Whether that’s a work project, a relationship, a new job or a new home. You have to step into that new energetic frequency, don’t fake it till you make it, be it. Become the energy you want to create.

The intention narrows the focus on the thinking, and that helps the energy of the Divine to assist us, then we have to take the practical steps it takes to achieve what we want to do. Writing down these intention helps break it into steps and goals too. 

The flowy, dreamy, idealistic, ethereal, and unconditional love of the Full Moon in Pisces is here to lift us, even if it is a little emotional and sensitive, use the energy as a big transformational cleanse. 
Remember that we have a choice with these astrological energies, they or not fated, we have to match them with our co-creation using our frequencies. In order to maximise our contribution to the collective consciousness we need to keep our vibration high and our energy pure. The higher our frequency the quicker we can manifest!

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!

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  • Janet

    Amazing, thank you for taking time to inform about that. I can defo already feel what you been describing since last full moon finished. Time to me di da te💌

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