Intuitive Astrology: Super Full Moon in Aquarius

Full moons are the climactic point in the lunar cycle, they illuminate what is already unfolding and what is ready to be released. This upcoming Full Moon is shining a light on the Sun, and Venus in Leo, and is bringing more attention to our uniqueness, genius, and willingness to evolve into our truth.

There will be two Super Full Moons in August, the first in the sign of Aquarius and second in Pisces, opening the celestial portal to profound healing and mystical transformation. 

As the cosmos align on August 1st, a sacred doorway beckons us to embark on a journey of inner spaciousness. Surrender to the sweet embrace of its ethereal vibrations, gently guiding us to release all burdens that weigh heavy upon our souls.

Leo is of the heart, while Aquarius embodies the realm of the higher mind. Representing the collective, Aquarius, like all air signs, fosters connections among us and influences our societal norms, shaping our understanding of shared concepts like success, power, and freedom.

The flowing currents of Aquarian energy, with its essence of living truthfully while embracing diversity, holds the key to uniting humanity for the greater good.  It beckons us to stand firmly in our authenticity, shaping a world where individual truths coexist harmoniously, respecting and valuing one another's perspectives. Through this enlightened lens, we tap into the magick of Aquarius, and we can cultivate a sense of interconnectedness with all beings and birth a collective consciousness that empowers everyone. 

Under the tender gaze of this Moon, the heart's melody finds solace in harmonious resonance. Love's tender dance gains momentum as Venus traverses her retrograde path, intensifying the embrace of heart-healing energies.

Prepare for emotions long held in the depths of the heart to rise like ancient tidal waves, bearing remnants of pain, heartbreaks, and grief. Embrace the swirling tide of emotions, for amidst the intensity, lies the promise of liberation and release.

Aquarius, the bearer of the celestial waters, reveals its air-like essence, stirring thoughts within the vast expanse of our minds. We may find ourselves immersed in contemplation, traversing a labyrinth of thoughts. Amidst this cerebral whirlwind, we must pause and lend an ear to the wisdom whispered by our thoughts.

Transcribe the inner symphony of your mind onto paper, share it with a friend, or engage in conversation with your own mental musings. Allow the waters of Aquarius to transmute the psychic debris, recalibrating it into a state of neutrality—a pure, clean slate where clarity emerges and transformation can take place.

Within the realm of Aquarius, the intellect and logic intertwine with impartiality, paving the way for enlightened choices. Embrace this cosmic gift, for it will illuminate the path forward, guiding us with wise discernment.

Although the journey may not be without twists and turns, remember that benevolent healing energies envelop you, supporting your passage. Rest assured, this Full Moon is your ally, empowering you to release that which no longer serves your soul's evolution. Embrace the Aquarian waters and step boldly into the transformative embrace of the Cosmos.

With Love and Magick always…

Samantha xxx

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