Intuitive Writing: New Moon in Gemini, 2023

The Gemini New Moon will be blessing us with its magickal revitalising energy on 17th & 18th June, bringing the start of a new lunar cycle. New Moons are always our blank canvas to which we get to paint or rewrite a new story, a new work of art, and make way for the next adventure on our cycle. They are a gift every month where we get a chance to start anew, welcome new beginnings, and plant seeds for the future.

Under the darkness of the New Moon in Gemini, the blanket of cosmic energies becomes pregnant with potential, the New Moon bestows upon us an opportunity to manifest intentions and breathe life into newfound muses. It becomes a portal where the depths of our desires can be tenderly whispered to the Universe, for it to gather and weave into our tapestry.

In order for us to do this we just turn our gaze inwards, and use discernment when accessing our deepest desires, what is alignment for us and what has run its course. There is no time for chasing what has already died within us, let go and embrace a new path.

Embracing the enchantment of the New Moon, a magickal essence of expansion and inner cleansing surrounds us. Within its mystical influence, profound revelations await, beckoning us to broaden our consciousness, nourish our spirits, and embark on transformative new journeys.

Gemini, ruled by the twins, mirroring the eternal dance between mortality and immortality, reminds us of the need to connect with both our logical human side and our mystical soul. Achieving harmony between these two aspects is vital as we navigate our earthly existence.

During this next cycle, let us seek equilibrium in the delicate interplay of these two facets of our existence. Heed the counsel of your ego, guided by reason and human understanding, while also making room to tune in to the whispers of your soul. Work to bring balance and harmony to the wisdom they impart, for in their unity lies the key to personal enlightenment.

What seeds are you planting? Can you feel and see it as though it is already yours? Hold the visions magick ones! There’s major growth afoot, time to declare that you are ready to receive.

With Love & Magick,


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