Taurus Full Moon Ritual for Abundance

We all could benefit from a little more abundance in our lives, whether that be for health, prosperity, money, wisdom, love or gratitude. This months Taurus Full Moon is here to bring us the abundance we need. If you want to get focused, grounded and set clear intentions so that you can make steps in the right direction that most supports your desire, then this is the ritual for you.
I'm a firm believer in the universe providing you with exactly what you need, at the right time, as long as its for your greater good. The Taurus Full Moon on November 3rd/4th is the Snow Moon/Tree Moon, and this represents the moon of silence, inner working, strength and completion. Use the energy of this moon to tune into your higher-self and ask “what do you need most?"
Here are some steps and tools you will need to use the power of this full moon to look within and activate this energy. For best results, perform this ritual between 2nd-7th November.

You will need

  • Two of your favourite crystals
  • Pen and paper/your moon journal
  • A candle/candles (choose a specific colour to the type of energy you want to attract)
  • Sage for smudging
  • A sacred / special object that represents something that you want to manifest


  1. Cleanse yourself in the bath or shower, starting your ritual off this way helps clear away any energies from the last moon cycle. Our Full Moon Ritual Detox Bath is a powerful preparation to detoxify and release what no longer serves you.
  2. Start by smudging your aura, your surroundings, sacred space.
  3. Make sure you have no distractions.
  4. Cast your formation. Decide which formation you will use for your ritual/spell work. Read Moon Spells to find out which formation works best for you.
  5. Call to the guardians/directions, spirit guides, gods/goddesses, the universal life force energy, or any of the power of your understanding to protect your circle and enhance the magick.
  6. Light your candles, take a few slow deep breaths, relax and calm the mind. Place your hands into prayer position in front of your heart centre and state your intentions. "Mother Moon, Goddess of light, I wish to invoke your powerful energy tonight, with all of the love in my heart, and the light from my soul, I wish to... "state your intentions here".
  7. Holding your crystals in your palms, connect to their energy, their vibration, tune into its weight, its texture, start to notice how it feels, its colour and formation. Focus your energy onto your crystals, let them soak up your intentions. Quartz crystals are particularly powerful to use.
  8. Sit in meditation and visualise Mother Moon pouring white light energy into your crown chakra and it flowing all the way into Mother Earth through your feet. Feel yourself both connecting to source and grounding into Gaia at the same time.
  9. Once you feel still in your mind and body, place the crystals either on you or next to you, pick up your pen and paper, take a few more deep breaths and ask yourself “What do I need most?” Don't be disheartened if nothing arises straight away, sit and meditate on it longer, be aware of any emotions, visuals, feelings & thought processes, and when you're ready let your pen flow to paper.
Your intentions can be anything that you want to manifest into your life, anything that you desire, don't be afraid to be honest with yourself. Let your inner most thoughts and desires flow onto the paper without fear or judgment. 

Some examples could be

"My intention is to clear any blockages and open myself to the abundance of the Universe so I can manifest wholeness, feel prosperous and financially secure"
"My intention is to manifest more happiness and gratitude into my life"
"My intention is to stop having worries about money so I can abundantly attract it into my life" 
"My intention is to banish all self limiting beliefs so that I can flourish and grow as a person"
  • Once you have your intentions written down, fold up the piece of paper and place it under your special/sacred object or symbol that you have chosen. Then, place your crystals either side and leave them on your alter or sacred space.
  • Meditate on what it is you have asked for, keep in mind that you should focus on realistic goals and achievements that are present in your life right now. Things you can set goals for and work through methodically. Trust that the Universe is providing for you and that you will receive what you need when you are meant to.

To close the ritual state another intention or a personal prayer

"I end this ritual now and ask to be grounded, guided and protected by my higher-self, spirit guides and angels, so that I may have the focus and the strength to bring my intentions into fruition. I thank the highest good for my blessings and for the opportunity to make the world a better place. May I always have loving radiating energy in my heart. Namaste and So it is!"
Keep your paper (your intentions), special object and crystals in your sacred space until the New Moon, feel free to read as many times as you want. Make a list of some personal goals that you think you could work through in order to give your intentions the space they need to manifest. 
Stay motivated and Happy Full Moon!


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