Aquamarine and Cowrie Shell Anklet

Aquamarine and Cowrie Shell Anklet

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All our crystal products are infused with Reiki healing vibrations and cleansed with sage to help illuminate your soul and elevate your frequency. 

  • Shades may vary due to each stone being unique in colour and form.

A beautiful adjustable anklet strung with Aquamarine, Golden Hematite and Cowrie Shells for pure ocean Goddess energy.

Aquamarine is deeply tied to the moon cycles, providing connection to one's sensitivities and patterns, it's calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. In folklore it is known as a treasure of mermaids and a talisman of sailors. It protects the aura and invites positive magic, and provides clarity in communication.

Shells hold universal energies and have been used for magic through the ages as powerful tools of transformation. Cowries in particular work well in matters involving money and prosperity. Shell divination is often practised for the art of self-discovery and are a representation of the Goddess. They can be used to invoke divine feminine energy.

Unleash your inner Mermaid Goddess with Cowrie shell energy.

Adjustable Anklet

This bracelet has an adjustable fit for easy on-and-off. Each anklet is hand knotted, braided, and fitted to its unique stone and made with strong, smooth waxed polyester cord.