Aurora Quartz Necklace - Lost Cosmos
Aurora Quartz Necklace - Lost Cosmos

Aurora Quartz Necklace

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Each Aurora Quartz Necklace is cleansed with sage and infused with Reiki healing vibrations.

• Size/shape may vary due to each crystal being unique in colour and natural form.

Clear Quartz has been considered a "Master Crystal" through the ages due to its magical ability to amplify and generate the energy of whoever wears it, and any other crystal it is used with. Clear Quartz has the ability to raise your vibration to the highest level and can absorb, store, release, and regulate energy as well as unblock it. It is known to banish negativity of any kind while balancing and harmonising the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

A beautiful crystal with a high vibration, it is a deep soul cleanser that emits an enchanting energy to enhance psychic abilities and attune you to your soul purpose.