Blessed Be Pendant
Blessed Be Pendant

Blessed Be Pendant

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This beautiful engraved wiccan charm pendant let’s you claim your witches power proudly. A powerful blessing used to seal spells with your intention when released into the universe.

“Blessed be” is also a phrase used amongst witches to greet or to say goodbye, especially those in your coven, and indicates that you wish good and positive things upon them.

Wear as an amulet of luck, and well wishes to yourself and all you meet.

The silver-tone heart charm inscribed with the word “Blessed Be” leaves no doubt your love of witchcraft, magic, spells and all things mystical.  

This is the perfect piece of witchy jewellery to gift yourself, your wife, girlfriend or the mystic in your life. 

Materials: Stainless steel. Chain length 18” 

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