Copper Shungite Protection Device
Copper Shungite Protection Device
Copper Shungite Protection Device
Copper Shungite Protection Device

Copper Shungite Protection Device

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All our crystal products are infused with Reiki healing vibrations and cleansed with sage to help illuminate your soul and elevate your frequency. 

 Stones may vary slightly in size and shape due to each stone being unique in its natural form.

Elite Shungite from - the Republic of Karelia in Russia.
Shungite is the only natural source of Fullerenes on the planet. The fullerene is the link between organic and inorganic matter along with nature brought together in one object.

Fullerenes stop the production of free radicals that cause chain reactions that can damage living cells. This activity in the fullerenes far exceeds the effect of known anti-oxidants in use today.

The richness of the fullerenes in shungite also gives it the gift of neutralising many forms of negative energy. It reduces the effect of electromagnetic emissions providing protection from electromagnetic fields.

Shungite is one of the most popular healing stones that it is extremely beneficial to have this stone in one form or the other in your home or on your body. It is considered that it is 2 billion years old and is made of 98% pure carbon and looks like a black non-crystalline stone.

The regeneration characteristic of the Shungite helps restore vitality in the human auric shield. On a daily basis we are living under constant stress and attack from harmful geological conditions.

It is known that Shungite relieves headaches, backaches, rheumatism, remove neuralgic states, normalise sleep, stabilise blood pressure, clear respiratory tract, increase activity and energy within the body.

Wear Elite Shungite to balance and ground your root chakra. 

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