Journey Back To Love 1:1 Ceremony

Journey Back To Love 1:1 Ceremony

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A journey of intimacy into the self
Meeting the depths of your own heart
Confronting fears to know your inherent sense of self-worth and purpose…
Uncovering your true essence of wild power and free spirit
A path known so deeply by the inner call of the heart's wisdom.

Journey Back To Love Immersion offers you a sacred journey into your heart, into your greatness, into your womb and ultimately into your power.

When we heal our wombs we heal the world… I believe the source of our manifestation power as women begins from a healed womb. It is our source of connection to spirit and higher guidance. It is a portal from which we birth not only life but our creative projects. 

Your womb power is directly linked to your ability to manifest, when you connect with your womb you tap into your feminine power of creation. Through healing the womb from past trauma or abuse you open yourself up to your creative power to manifest your dreams and desires, and become more confident in birthing creative projects in all areas of your life. 

Heal relationship to the masculine for healthier, more positive relationships and discover being fully witnessed, seen, and heard in sharing your story and setting your boundaries.

Come home to your heart, come home to your womb…come home to yourself.

Our 1:1 ceremonies are an immersive self love healing journey with womb clearing, yoga, breath-work, reiki, meditation, ceremonial cacao, spell workshops and a special womb activation.

Discover your true source of self-worth and power from within, dear Goddess you are worthy of it all. 

My wish for you all is for you to shine your brightest, be fearless in your quest for what you want, awaken to your innate knowing and wisdom, own your worth and use your voice to be a beacon of light for others to awaken in this world. 


Your ceremony will be tailored around your specific wants, needs and desired outcome. 

The sessions are 3 hours long and are an immersive self love healing journey with womb clearing, healing, guided meditation, woman’s yoga / movement, Kundalini and breath-work.

Your ceremony will include a interactive spell workshop tailored especially for you for whatever you desire to release or call in, and will receive an activation of the “rite of the womb” the 13th rite of the Munay-ki which you can then pass on to other women.

Each session will be joined by Mama Cacao using a ceremonial dose for deeper heart expansion. 

The energy exchange is £133.33