Mama Village

Mama Village

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My intention for these circles is for mothers to come and connect, with other mamas in a safe and nourishing space where they feel held, heard, respected, and loved.

We have lost our village and we are not meant to do this alone. My aim is for us to gather monthly, so that our children can grow up and witness community, and for you to feel so deeply connected with one another that we feel we can lean on each other for support or guidance whenever we feel lost or overwhelmed. We as mothers can guide and learn from each other in a conscious and respectful environment. 

The circles are a moment of bliss in your chaotic life, you will feel a sense of belonging, and find a moment to pause and just be.

Children are welcome to play together in a large open space in my home, and if the weather is on our side, there is an outside space in my garden, so there will be moments where you can truly take a moment for you to connect to yourself and with other mamas.

This is a day for you mama, to sit in circle and be held. It’s time to reclaim the village.

With my deepest love,

Samantha x

This is inclusive of babas and toddlers  0-3 years 

What to expect:

Sharing Circle


Tea and chats


Mindfulness Movements

Self-care practises/ Breath work 

Community and Sisterhood

International Women’s Day - March 8th

11am  - 1pm - my home (address will be sent to you)