Selene Power Pendant
Selene Power Pendant

Selene Power Pendant

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All our crystal products are infused with Reiki healing vibrations and cleansed with sage to help illuminate your soul and elevate your frequency. 

 Sizes may vary due to each stone being unique in shape and form.

Selenite is named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon, she drives her moon chariot across the heavens and travels across the sky help guide and protect those who find themselves in the dark. She has powers that you can call on for help with deepening your intuition and psychic abilities, and for blessings on your life and romance.

Selenite is one of the most high vibrational crystals and its healing properties are all about activation and reaching higher planes. It is known for connecting to the third eye, crown, transpersonal and Etheric chakras. Through radiating light energy, it promotes purity and honesty. It is a deeply healing and angelic stone, allowing your higher chakras to open up and allows nourishing and limitless light energy to flow through you.
Its energy offers the wearer an opportunity to be honest with themselves, and makes space for your higher truth to flow. 

A powerful crystal to use to help heighten intuition, align the chakras and raise awareness to a higher plane. It is a memory strengthening divination stone that guides your path and takes you to your destiny.

Call on Goddess Selene for guidance and answers and she will come to you in your dreams.