Wild Woman Embodiment and Sensual Dance Workshop
Wild Woman Embodiment and Sensual Dance Workshop
Wild Woman Embodiment and Sensual Dance Workshop
Wild Woman Embodiment and Sensual Dance Workshop

Wild Woman Embodiment and Sensual Dance Workshop

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Unveil Your Inner Sensuality at our Wild Woman Embodiment and Sensual Dance Workshop

”Awaken Your Inner Fire”

Join us for a transformative journey into the temple of your being, where dance becomes your offering, your breath becomes a key to the divine, a doorway to your most powerful, liberated, embodied self.

In a world where a woman's power and sexual energy have been suppressed for millennia, it's time to awaken to our truth as Powerful Priestesses. Let's reclaim our sexuality from the shadows of shame and taboo.

Through the sacred act of dance, and embodiment practises, we invite you to drop into your body and honour it as the temple of your divine essence. Each movement becomes a prayer, a celebration of life, sensuality, and confidence. Feel the freedom to express yourself authentically, to move in a way that makes you feel alive and turned on by life.

This is your permission slip to seduce yourself.

🔥 Embrace your sacred sexuality

🌟 Drop into the vessel of your body

💃 Dance your prayer in sisterhood

🛖 Cacao medicina (special homemade ritual blend)

💙🪷 👁️ 

Featuring a special belly dancing workshop led by AMNA - this sacred ritual is inspired by the ancient Egyptian temples. Come together with your sisters in a safe and supportive space to be seen, celebrated, and embraced.

What to expect:

  • A safe space to be fully seen, in your power
  • Women’s Circle 
  • Embodiment Practices 
  • Meditation 
  • Free movement / Sensual Dance
  • Workshops
  • Cacao Ceremony

Together, let's create a safe space where women can stop into their true power and embrace the fullness of their expression, unapologetically. 


  • Date: Friday 12th April
  • Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Location: 24 Hope Street Studios
  • Limited spots available. Reserve yours now

What to wear: Anything that makes you feel like the sexy Goddess you are. Anything goes! We’ll be dancing barefoot but heels are optional! 

Meet Your Facilitator: Led by Samantha Lockwood, High Priestess, Medium, and Sensual Embodiment Facilitator, whose passion is to guide women on a journey to their highest expression, remembering their innate wisdom and power. Through the sacred arts of ritual, embodiment practices, shadow work, and energy healing, Samantha creates a transformative space for women to embrace their true essence and step into their fullest potential.