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The Full Moon in Pisces approaching on August 26th-27th is a very special moon, it carries a beautiful energy that is here to encourage us to reach for bigger dreams and help us anchor what is it that we truly want out of life. A Full Moon is a time of completion, often a climatic point of the month where emotions tend to run high, and particularly in this case we have a very emotional watery sign in Pisces. As beautiful as this moon is, as it is the final water sign it is here to take us to the deepest darkest depths of our soul, where the unresolved pain lies dormant. However through this healing journey, like the lotus flower we will rise above the murky muddy waters rebirthing with clarity and a deeper spiritual understanding.

Since July we have experienced a trinity of three very potent Eclipses. The energy has been much more intense because we have had three eclipses this year as opposed to the normal two. These eclipses have brought about great change for a lot of people, we have collectively been going through a cosmic shift, but on an individual level, each and every single person has gone through their own experience that is personal to them. Each bit of pain or discomfort all for the greater good. This is your karmic contract with your soul, the agreement you made before you came back to learn. You may be going through some profoundly difficult times in your life, enduring those experiences that will change you forever, but you will come out of the other side stronger, more aligned with yourself and more awake than ever.

If you are still feeling like you are trapped in a certain mindset and still facing your biggest fears, (the lesson of Sun in Leo until today August 24 when it moves into Virgo) or generally just feeling like you’re in a dark place, then have faith in the divine that this transitional period through the darkness will soon be over. Coming towards the end of the month and with the planets finally moving out of retrograde, things will start to function as normal again. This goes for your mind as well as projects you have been working on.

The journey has not been easy, and all these lessons we are learning are moving us closer to a higher consciousness. The Universe has had to push us, had to make us feel uncomfortable, it had to bring circumstances into our lives to force us to see the truth so that we can grow and take a closer look at whats important to us. We have been sent down a new path, one that will bring us closer to our divine purpose. A new journey awaits us all.

When we follow our path with perfect love and perfect trust our awareness is heightened, we start to see everything as an act of the divine, something beyond our control. Life is one big magical mystery tour and we can navigate through the twists and turns by taking notes of the serendipitous signposts we encounter along the way. These little moments of magic remind us of who we are and why we are here, and confirms we are on the right path.

The moon is at 3 degrees in Pisces and it’s illuminated by the Sun thats 3 degrees in Virgo. We also have a Grand Earth Trine this full moon! This means that we have 3 planets in the same element forming an equilateral triangle, being supportive and harmonious with each other, stimulating increased activity in the cosmos.

I dreamt about the number 3 last night and I saw it clearly in my meditation. 3 in Numerology is about communication, and the way you think and new beginnings. The number 3 also reminds us that we are born of both human and of divine soul. Its energy is that of the bringer of change. A coincidence, I think not!

With this Virgo energy we are able to absorb more information and be very analytical and logical about things we would have missed usually, and we are also able to express ourselves clearly, express our views and stand in our own power. Virgo energy allows us to be really grounded and helps us to express our truth, we are able to communicate clearer and confidently. It's a good time to have honest conversations with ourselves and other people, and to take a good honest look at our own lives and see how happy we are.

This full moon we are being showered with tons of Pisces energy, it is a great time to use the heightened imaginations that the Pisces energy brings to think about what it is we want to achieve. Pisces energy is all about the imagination, manifesting and the spiritual realm and its about dreaming so big it scares you. Hold on to the notion that the sky is the limit.

The message of this Pisces Full Moon is to celebrate yourself and your journey. You have come a long way and you should be proud of yourself, you need to honour yourself, be gentle on yourself and give yourself so much love. The full moon will shower you with a beautiful spiritual energy that will make you feel connected to the higher realms. On your most deepest core level you start to realise that there is something bigger at work looking after you, a higher power that wants to take care of you, that wants to help you on your path in life and that is unconditionally loving.

 This Full Moon is the perfect time to take a pause, let the divine presence that the moon brings wash over you. Give yourself a break, give yourself a hug and congratulate yourself for everything you have achieved.

The August Pisces Full Moon is radiant, it is a beacon of hope, and it is a pure and true light in the dark. It is protective, it is magical, and it is a reminder that you are stronger than you ever imagined.

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Full Moon Blessings! 


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  • Lynne Kinsella

    WOW. What a read this. I could feel the power behind every word you have written, my favourite part ‘life is one big magical mystery tour, we can navigate through the twists and turns by taking note of the serendipitious signposts we encounter along the way’. Wow so powerful, thank you for a beautiful read 💜 xx

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