Intuitive Astrology: Capricorn New Moon January 2021

New Moon in Capricorn 12th & 13th January 2021

We have a new year, new moon and a fresh new energy, 2021 has shifted from Earth energy into Air energy so we can expect a higher frequency, faster pace of life, further breakdowns of the patriarchal system, more rebellious action, revelations, awakenings and generally a more revolutionary year than 2020.

New Moons are about new beginnings, it's about the ritual of setting intentions and being visionary in the darkness, they're also about rest, they're about listening in, and softening into the stillness.
This Capricorn New Moon is your chance to initiate a new beginning, and the first New Moon of the New year so is your chance to activate and map out your dreams, desires and goals for the year ahead.  

At this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 23 degrees of Capricorn, and form a conjunction with Pluto, which is the exact same degree point as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction back in January 2020 on the 12th. It is clear the Universe wasn’t playing small when it dropped this one on us at the start of a new year, with new energy, new awareness and higher consciousness coming in at the same degree point as one of the biggest astrological events of 2020. 

This is a powerful new beginning point for you based on what has been permanently changed and transformed for you since January 2020. This is a new energy coming in that supports change and the new direction you are heading in. 

We start 2021 with a new evolutionary point that recognises what we have learnt, Capricorn energy is about how far we've come on our journey, the experiences, the wisdom and the knowledge we have gained and how we apply it to our lives. This is also a reality check from the Universe, Capricorn is asking us how we have mastered our emotions through 2020.

This is a New Moon of application, we are being asked to ground into our intentions, using the power of manifestation to welcome in a surge of new downloads, higher consciousness and deeper understanding of where we're going and what we want to build next. 

We are moving into a new era, so this is the perfect opportunity to step into a new version of you, one with a higher frequency of unconditional love and one that is anchored into the heart. It is also an invitation to set a new intention for a better world you would like to call in.

With the energy of this New Moon we will be given clarity about what we intend for our next voyage, this is such a powerful impactful energy as we’re being carried further towards our highest purpose. There is a sense that there is no going back to our old lives, our old ways, that we have changed so much and been on such a journey, we must honour our own evolutionary journey for all we have grown through. 

This connection to Pluto feels like soul contracts are being completed, Pluto’s influence can help us transform areas of our lives that need renewal with strong rebirthing energies. The Universe is showing us what our soul has been through across many lifetimes, there's a sense of higher consciousness helping us to understand more of the karma we have been working through, the unresolved karmic energies and bonds with other people. There's a strong commitment at a soul level telling us that those lessons are complete, perhaps even in this lifetime. Do you feel a soul knowing that something has come to an end, that perhaps you have found your true calling and there's no stopping you walking that path?

The Capricorn New Moon is always a grounding influence and a good time to reconnect with the Earth, our ancestors, and our roots. Now is a good time to honour those who have come before you, give thanks for Mother Gaia and all her offerings and gifts and to ground your intentions for your new beginning. 

At this New Moon, Eris the dwarf planet and Goddess of chaos and discord, squares Pluto, as well as the Sun and Moon, creating some volatile energies with a big focus around power struggles, reminding us that as the old collapses a new is being birthed. We have been moving through these deep changes for a while now, we see this in our society, we feel it deep within, it has been intense, and there is a deeper knowing that bigger and better things are coming.

4 days after Eris moves stationary direct, Uranus, the planet of awakening, revolution and rebellion moves direct in the sign of Taurus, we will feel a wave of truth stirring with big reveals, particularly something that was a main focus for us back in August 2020, when it first went retrograde. 

Under the first New Moon of the year, it is time to switch off from the outside noise and tune into your inner guidance, your inner knowing. Wisdom and intuition are heightened for you at this time, and you are being called to not only slow down and rest, but to reflect and honour how much you have grown and matured on your journey. 

Be proud of the person you have become, even through so much uncertainty, and understand that 2020 was not a wasted year, it was a year to realign your values and priorities, it was a year to wake-up, and to view things from a different perspective. Use all that you have learnt and apply it to whatever seeds of intention you plant on this New Moon night for the greater good of your soul and the collective. 

Blessed New Moon xxx


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