Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Aries 2019

Under the light of this October Full Moon, we are being guided to take action on our true purpose as well as accept ourselves for all of our shadows and flaws.
The Moon falls in the sign of Aries, and in true warrior style, we are encouraged to take no prisoners on this path to self freedom, but with the Sun opposing the Moon in the sign of Libra, we are reminded that we don’t have to chart this path alone even if the independent, stubborn and bold Arian energy wants us to.

On Sunday 13th October we have a Full Moon at 20° of Aries and it is going to illuminate something in our psyche that has been buried deep down for some time.

The Aries Full Moon is a sacred initiation; being the first sign in the zodiac, we are being met with a rebirthing energy, a chance to start a new beginning. Since September we have been in an energy stream of pulling up deep rooted issues from our consciousness and working on our shadow self, and finally with this Full Moon we are coming to a culmination of releasing and renewing ourselves so we can burn away the old and make way for a new cycle.

Through this transition into the “darker half” of the year, you will have been working with your shadow, whether that be through you doing the work and sitting with whatever is coming up for you, or on a subconscious level. During this time with working with our shadow, things have been rising up from the deepest, darkest, mysterious places of our soul, and now is a time of moving forward with the light of understanding with the gifts that we have been given during this process. 

We have pulled so much up through this harvest season, and now this moon is asking us to utilise what shadow aspects have come through for us. What power dynamics, struggles and emotions have come to the surface? What transformation are you currently going through and what can you release at that time. How can you take these gifts and move forward with them?

The moon is opposing Libra so we still have focus on relationships, the Aries energy of the ability to be our own selves, and the relational. Be mindful of the relationships you have in your reality at this time, and even more so on the patterns of behaviours linked to these relationships. There is an opportunity here to dive deep and learn more about ourselves through these relationships. Understand that we can’t go through our deepest learning alone, we need relationships to see ourselves clearly. Without forming meaningful relationships we can’t bring our true selves to light, it is in the relationships that teach us the most about ourselves. 

The current cosmic bodies at play have a very strong focus on death, rebirth and transformation. You are being asked to love the darker parts of yourself and understand that it's ok to not have every part of yourself figured out or healed, the magic is in peeling back the layers and undergoing the journey of self discovery and uncovering a stronger version of you each time you go through the process. The healing is never done, and the time may not always be right, but you should always go for what you want in life regardless of what stage you are at.
This is a reminder to show up for yourself, and stay focused on your dreams regardless of your progress. Often expansion and moving into something that is meant for you doesn’t always mean it’s going to be a pleasant ride. Ask yourself what is it that scares you and what are you putting off?

There is a strong feeling of activation from within, and a deep realisation of something needing to change, especially in the collective psyche. Concerning problems are needing to be addressed regarding the current state of our Mother Earth, particularly to do with her pollution and the change is imminent, within you and within the world. We are being urged to rise up and see something in ourselves with a higher consciousness. 

Something is being called forward to be released and this might bring feelings of anger to the surface. As Aries is a fire sign, this Full Moon could bring a disruptive and unsettled energy with it and these are the emotional messages we should not ignore. It is important we don’t suppress our feelings and we must release emotions from the past. If we keep them repressed we end up projecting them onto other people and believe that other people have those feelings when actually it’s coming from within ourselves. 

Everything that is coming up for you is a souls urge for very deep emotional growth, and it’s coming through both the masculine and feminine energies that understand that change is coming.

Whatever comes up during this dynamic time, you are going to be exploring into the fears, into the consciousness, into the untapped areas of personal power. Big changes around our sense of self are playing a big role in this Full Moon. Follow the motivation from your heart and not your head, you are being reminded that you have the internal tools you need to overcome any obstacles. 

This is an excellent time to start to redefine yourself, to build some new foundations for a new you. As this Aries Full Moon carries a new beginning energy it is a powerful time to set intentions for who you want to become - think about the details in the life that you want to create for yourself - every little detail, and meditate on that person, on that image. Use the energy of this Aries Full Moon to initiate a new you, a fresh start.
Step into that energy and become that person now, it's a good time to start building the foundations now before we get into 2020.

One of the best ways we can move into this new energy is to accept responsibility for where you are in your life thus far. 
No matter how traumatic or hard your life has been…use the magick of this Aries Full Moon to set new intentions for who you want to become in as much detail as possible. Now is a time to create that person you want to become so you are more defined by your future than you are by your past.

Aries is the leader, and we have to become the leader of our own lives and our own destiny. Although our birth chart is mapped out for us, we still have free will and we have choices to work hard on the life we want. We carve out our future every day based on the actions we take, the thoughts we think, and the vibration we emit.

The time to rise up is now, and it all begins with removing the self limiting beliefs you put in place for yourself. Be mindful of your internal dialogue and the story you tell to yourself. Are you throwing yourself a pity party or are you stepping into your power? You are the creator of your own reality, and yes your thoughts are that powerful.

If you're willing to see something with a new light, this could be the end of the dark tunnel for you. Stay open to the light and what you are willing to learn about yourself. Everything we go through is for the elevation of our soul.

The more you raise your vibration the more you can shine that light out into the world.

Full Moon Love and Magick to you all xxx

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