Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Leo 2020

The February 2020 Full Moon falls on the 8th-9th at 20 degrees of Leo, 7:33am UK time and the energy of this Full Moon is here to reignite the fire within our hearts and is all about letting our unique spark shine. 

This Full Moon brings important medicine for us to tap into, we have some powerful work to do and the courageous and bold energy of the Leo Moon is here to help us access it. We are challenged to see our full potential in a universe of expansive boundless possibilities. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and is connected to the heart space, it is a fire sign that reminds us to connect with all that lights us up. Leo energy is playful, exuberant, expressive, creative, and full of warmth. It reminds us to let our inner passions shine, it encourages our playful inner child to resurface, and it beckons our inner fire to unleash so we can embody our inner sun and fan our flames of creative potential. 

We have been clearing out a lot of unwanted energy since the Capricorn Eclipse on December 25th. We have been deep digging with the grounded energy of Capricorn which has given us time to check in with what we need to reassess in our lives. As we now emerge through Aquarius season we continue to evolve into a greater sense of freedom and revolution for our divine spark and our role we are here to play on this planet. 

The Aquarius and Leo axis is all about freedom and authenticity, allowing for our authentic expression to shine. The Leo Full Moon is activating a completely different kind of energy for us which is merging the grounded sense of self from Capricorn season and the bold and expressive energies of Leo.

The Leo Full Moon is the perfect opportunity for us to tap into our creative side, to allow our expression to flow in whatever way that feels right to us. 

What sets your soul on fire? What lights you up? What fans your inner flame? What brings you a sense of purpose as you move through the ever twisting roads of life?

As Leo energy is very much about connecting to the heart space and the inner child, it is a good time to try to reconnect with a part of your past that once excited you. Is there a hobby you had as a child that you let go of? Is there something that you could rekindle to help that creative spark flow through you?

Through this Full Moon we are working with essential archetypal energy of Aquarius being the collective of the people, community and revolution, wanting to disrupt and shake up a new way of living. We have Leo energy which is leadership, inner child medicine, heart chakra healing and freedom.

These two energies are illuminating what the world looks like beyond our internal higher archetypal structures and is asking “who are you?” Who could you be if you didn't have that internal dictator? That inner voice of unreason? 

Could you activate your heart space in a way that is so expansive that your containers no longer exist?

The main energy of this Full Moon is feeling a boundlessness to life, allowing yourself that freedom and a sense of self acceptance to move boldly towards your dream.

When we’re really connected to our greatest potential and we have made peace with our old constrictions or old self limited beliefs we feel an overwhelming sense of commitment to our path. Our commitments to our work and the life we want are non negotiable, and we need to ride into this Full Moon with this bold fiery energy that allow for no distractions.

How have you been feeling moving into this Aquarian energy? Check in with yourself and see if you can recognise any shifts since the start of the year. Look around at where you are now, at how much your life has changed. What clues and synchronicities are you noticing that is indicating where you are heading next? Where is your inner wild child trying to navigate you?

How do you feel about yourself moving forward? Are you connected to the path that you are on? Are you confident you are going in the right direction? Are you comfortable with the freedom of it all? 

Who are you without these containers? Without these boxes? Without these obligations, what is your soul purpose? What is your passion? What lights you up?

We can sometimes get addicted to the safety of something that keeps us small… this Leo Moon urges you to be brave enough to follow your heart's desire. When we expand and we let go of old versions of ourselves we can feel that immaculate joy at that boundlessness, and in that hope, and in the field of dreamy vision.

Overall, the February Full Moon is a time to stand in our power. It is a time to realise our fullest potential and stand confidently in all that we do. We can use these cosmic energies to connect to our higher selves, and to walk in alignment with our highest calling. It is a time to connect to our own inner Sun, the core of who we are so we can rise up and shine.

Full Moons are always a time of illumination, what has been uncovered for you and where are you being called to use your magick?
As we journey on this next cycle, ask yourself if you can become more courageous on your path? Can you take more risks and can you access a greater sense of freedom?

The energy of this Moon is asking you to take a leap of faith. Let this energy guide you on a hero’s journey, accessing greater wisdom by being brave enough to go further.

Love, Light and Magick Always...

Blessed Full Moon! xxx


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