Intuitive Astrology: Leo Full Moon 2021

The energy is palpable, the skies full of wonder, our planets dancing their way through their cosmic conversations as they align for our monthly spectacle. The Full Moon falls at 9 degrees and 5 minutes of Leo on 28th/29th January 11:16am PT &  7.16pm UK time.

As with all Full Moons it is an intense energy of things rising to the surface, it is a completion energy, a culmination or a feeling of completion, and with this Leo Full Moon opposing the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius there is a strong theme around leadership and individuality coming through, and an illumination around something that we may not have seen before. The Leo Full Moon asks us to drop into the heart space and sit with how we have transformed over the cycle of this moon phase.

The Full moon in Leo reminds us to stay anchored in the heart, Leo is big heart energy, and it is asking us to be honest with ourselves, to search for what feels authentic to us and to who we really are. Leo energy is so often associated with being the leader, being in the limelight, loud, over the top, and attention seeking, but I feel this moon wants us to come back to the innocence of our inner child, and not to see these qualities or traits as shadow, but to access the inner child as our leader, as our medicine for how we need to move through the world, and to be ok with shining our light out into the world, just as children do so beautifully. 

The energy from the sun, moon and Jupiter on the Leo/Aquarius axis is being squared by Mars in Taurus which is doing a lot of path clearing. How do we take our action and make it sustainable? How do we move forward with things that sustain us for the long term?

The Leo/Aquarius axis is about really finding your joy in life, finding what lights you up on a soul level, and often we dim ourselves to try and fit in or through lack of confidence, but this Leo/Aquarian energy is giving us permission to embrace ourselves, unleash our inner weirdo, to be the person we are when noone is watching. 

This is a moon of coming back into ourselves, into our heart, to what we want, what is true for us, and what matters. The Leo energy is helping us tap into the version of ourselves we want to be, and help understand who we are and what we need.

Are you letting yourself connect with people that inspire you? Are you letting yourself connect with new people, are you thinking about how you can be strengthening these connections, are you enjoying life the way you want or are you only living in a watered down version of your capability and brilliance? This moon is challenging us to ask these deep questions, to listen to our internal dialogue. We should be taking the work of Capricorn which was prevalent in 2020 and integrating it by sharing it with the world, even by conjuring new ideas that may be out of your comfort zone.

The Aquarian energy is asking us to focus on not only our dreams but where we are going together as a collective movement. It is asking us to think about our gifts and what is calling to us now and how we can share it with the world. We are being called to dream up where we want to go with our lives, for the long term, and for what is possible now. Aquarius energy is about the future, the visions we have for our future and what we’re focusing on to really allow ourselves to expand.  

There is a lot of energy moving us into new possibilities, showing us that there is a new way of living and a new path that we can follow, one in much more alignment with who we are and where we want to be.

Aquarius energy is also about what you need to do to honour who you are, at this full moon tune in to your heart to receive the guidance and the wisdom from that sense of self to gain insights into who you truly are, where you need to heal and what it is you desire. 

We are being called to really sit with ourselves and question how we are either nurturing our inner child or shutting it down, this is our opportunity to heal the parts of ourselves that we have neglected. This is our opportunity to soften and listen in for the wisdom, this Leo energy is calling out for some playfulness. We can do this by tapping into our creativity, finding that sense of play, not taking ourselves so seriously and to embody those child-like qualities that help find wonder in all things. 

This moon is a reminder to not let life pass us by, we have done the grieving for the disruption of 2020, for what we knew and loved as it fell away from us, we have been in the energy of shedding, of transformation and letting go of what we once knew. Now it is time to get real and be honest with ourselves, is the life we are living truly in alignment with who we are? Are you happy with potentially doing what you’re doing now for the rest of your life and does this bring you joy? Use the exploratory elements of this moon to really dig deep and find your calling.

Call on the energy of the Lion for bravery, courage, motivation, freedom and sovereignty. Know your place in the Universe, know that you are just as important as the moon and the stars. Your imprint in this world matters, you matter, your light matters. Stay in your heart and shine your gifts for all to see. Call in all that you desire and release what is no longer yours to carry.

You are worthy of it all.

Blessed Full Moon. 

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