Intuitive Astrology: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 2020

We are at the midpoint of the year, and we are heading straight through the Eclipse Gateway, journeying through the portal of Divine Union.

As we navigate our way through Eclipse Season, we can start to notice themes unfolding for us, we have been shown glimmers of what it is that needs to be transmuted within each of us an individual but also within the collective as a whole.

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees on 4th/5th July is here to help us deal with our shadow, ultimately bringing a wave of energy needed to release any hidden fears we may be holding on to. The last eclipse dealt with karma, and this next moon cycle offers us a breakthrough we have so desperately needed. 

Eclipse gateways offer completion, and this Lunar Eclipse not only closes the curtains behind the current Eclipse Season, but it also draws to an end the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse Cycle that we have been working through since 2018.

Cast your mind back to the first Eclipse of this cycle, what was happening for you around this time? What themes have stirred in your life since then? You may have been juggling the balance between work (Capricorn) and your personal life (Cancer) and called to set healthy boundaries so that you may pursue areas of your life that needed you the most, whether that be more self-care based decisions or more focus in your work life. 

There is a revisiting of themes as we return to the huge impactful energy of Capricorn this month as Saturn rejoins Capricorn on 1st July, and Jupiter is conjunct Pluto, making this the second of the three conjunctions this year with themes of power control and expansion. 

The Saturn/ Pluto conjunction on the 12th January 2020 at 22 degrees of Capricorn, struck a tuning fork for the whole year. Deconstruction of the old order has been the most prevalent theme this year but also abuse of power.

The last time we had this conjunction of Saturn (authority and responsibility) and Pluto (death, decay, transformation) in Capricorn was in 1517-1518 at the beginning of the slave trade in America, and now we are living through crumbling of authority which ties in with the abuse of power, the repeating theme for this year.

This Lunar Eclipse is a review, a feeling as though we are visiting the past, yet things aren't the same because of how much we have grown. 

We are healing from all that came up during the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, working with Cancer energy, learning about how to heal from lessons regarding helping and nurturing others. 

The true gift of this Lunar Eclipse is allowing us to shed our skin, as with any Full Moon there is a final release or purging of what is no longer in alignment with you. 

We are being guided to release old ways within ourselves, the ones that don’t serve us, the ones that keep us small. We are given this opportunity to return all that is no longer ours to carry to the Universe in exchange for new cosmic upgrades.

What are you holding on to that is no longer serving you? What are you holding on to that you would like the Universe to transmute for you?

Under the power of this Eclipse, the best thing we can do is be honest with ourselves. Be honest in admitting what is not working for us anymore, honest about what doesn’t feel right within us. It is through this powerful Eclipse portal that will free us from old paradigms and limiting beliefs. 

Trust in yourself and trust that this Eclipse will help you surrender and release all that is weighing you down. Your only job is to trust and let go. Embrace whatever is coming up for you and trust that it is being cleared for a reason.

During this Eclipse take time to love yourself. Self-care rituals are needed through these times as the energy is so intense they can leave you feeling depleted and drained of energy. Be gentle with yourself and take time to recharge. 

This is a culmination point in the moon’s cycle, where all of our emotions rise and bubble to the surface ready for us to feel them, so we can heal them. Feeling sensitive and emotional at this time is completely normal, it is your way of knowing you are ready to release them.

Finding ways to let these emotions and feelings go in a way that feels healthy to you is key during a Full Moon, sometimes what we need to release can trigger deep wounds within us, we must learn to embrace change and the unknowing and not feel guilty for putting ourselves first. Our truth is what makes us unique, we must find strength and courage to use our voice and share our truth when it is needed. 

Once we pass through this Eclipse Cycle we will feel a deep sense of healing at the core of our soul, as though we have all been through a big cosmic wash, a spiritual cleansing with a light afterglow. 

If you have put in the personal work, this Capricorn Lunar Eclipse will highlight feelings of achievement and satisfaction for a job well done. 

Use this energy to honour your journey. Honour the changes within you and all around you, the upheaval, the hardships and the ebbs and flow of your life. Honour yourself and the version of you that you are today because of it all.

This is the last of this series of Cancer-Capricorn Eclipses, we won’t have another until 2027. We are witnessing a global deconstruction of tired, worn-out paradigms that do not serve us the people anymore. There is no longer room for a world driven from greed and heavily masculinity dominance, it is time to integrate love and compassion into the very core of our being.

We may not understand how life will unfold, or what is to come, but right now, in this present moment, all we can be is here, enough as we are.

As the moon is eclipsed in Capricorn, we can rest assured that this world is awakening from a deep and numbing slumber, to rise out of the ashes phoenix like to greet a dawning of a new world.

Blessed Lunar Eclipse xxx



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