Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Aquarius 2021

This is the most important New Moon of the year, the energy surrounding this New Moon is so powerful and impactful, not only do we have 8 planets in fixed signs, we have 6 planets in Aquarius forming in the same zodiac sign, creating what is known as a Stellium. At the time of this New Moon, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be in Aquarius, creating a supercharged energy field and making this a potent time to manifest your desires.

The Sun and the Moon are conjunct at 23 degrees & 16 minutes of Aquarius, at 7:05pm on 11th February, making this is powerful a new beginning for you, this is the perfect moon to get focused on what you want from your life, to plant new seeds for what inspires you and where you want to go, it's an opportunity to focus on your vision and how you are going to move forward with your life.

The Capricorn energy of 2020 represented the old world and showed us what wasn’t working in our lives, and what wasn’t in alignment with us anymore, there was a lot of challenges and a lot of tests and if it didn’t serve us it was removed from our lives for the greater good, even if it didn’t feel like it at the time.

Now this Aquarius energy represents the future and is asking us to know who we are on an individual level, it is asking us to tap into our uniqueness and our greatness and really step into who we are and why we’re here. You may have had a strong overwhelming urge to focus on yourself this year already, you may be feeling inspired and moving further towards your vision - and this Aquarius activation is here to catapult you into the firing line of where you're meant to be.

Aquarius is the visionary, the intellectual thinker, dreamer of dreams, and the embodiment of individuality and freedom, and the last time we had this Stellium was in February 1962 which was 7 planets in Aquarius, including Jupiter and Saturn, which was the beginning of the hippie era, the revolutionary 60’s free love movement, a time of peace, community and love for all brothers and sisters. There was a big sense of equality and community of people coming together to share space. It was also an age of rebellion and protesting against war and bombing and campaigning for human rights and greater equality.

At this New Moon you may want to set some intentions based on helping your community in some way, with Aquarius being the humanitarian of the zodiac our focus can be on how our hopes and dreams can affect the collective for the greater good. Now is a good idea to engrain some of these 60’s values of hope, peace and togetherness for the evolution of our planet and the betterment of of humanity as we navigate our way into this new era. 

This moon at 23 degrees is rich with supportive and creative energy, and Jupiter the planet of expansion will be passing through this degree in Aquarius 3 times this year, so whatever you set an intention for at this New Moon will keep getting more expansive as Jupiter moves through this energy to keep building your dreams and help develop your vision further. Jupiters dates for growth will be march 30th - April 4th, September 17th - 28th (Jupiter retrograde ) and November 8th - 19th. 

Make sure to keep yourself grounded at this New Moon and while we have such strong Aquarian energy, we are moving into a higher state of consciousness so our nervous system can be greatly affected by these energies. You may feel your heart racing at times and feel sensitive to these energies, you may have experienced stiffness in the neck or feeling a sense of vibrating because the energy is very active and potent. Taking time to be in nature is a great way to ground these energies, taking deep breaths and centring yourself so that you can feel and be in your body is important at this time.

Now is a good time to get clear on who you are and what you want and focus on where it is you want to be in the future, but if you don’t know, that is perfectly ok too. You just have to stay open to your authenticity, to what you have always loved, to what you did as a child, to those things that light you up. It is in these moment of freedom and play our true power and essence radiates from us and we become a magnet for what is truly meant for us. 

Listen to the messages of what is inspiring for you, for what sets your soul on fire, visualise your inner flame burning like a beacon of light so that others can shine their light too. Your light is needed at this time now more than ever, your story is valid, your place in this universe matters. Remember that you made a soul contract to come to earth at this time and that your soul is here to bring a shift of consciousness to the planet that is slowly unfolding before our very eyes. 

We are co-creating with the Universe at every moment, every thought vibrates at a frequency that our cells match, sending waves of light and energy out into the Cosmos, the vibration is raised and in return we attract this back through frequency match. We are the creators of our reality, and it is time to use our power, our vibration to shape this new world for the better, not just on a personal level but on a collective level too.

People are waking up to old paradigms crumbling and a world that isn’t as familiar as it once was, people are waiting to be inspired, people are ready to vibrate higher.

What you choose to focus your energy on expands, so use the power of this New Moon to sit with your intention and where you wish to direct this energy, tune into the energy of the Aquarian to trasmute fear into love and ask for a better world for all and let the Universe take care of the rest.

New Moon in Aquarius Blessings! xxx


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