Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Leo 2019

The New Moon approaching on the 31st July / 1st August is the second New Moon of the month and is in the sign of Leo. This new moon is named the Black Moon, and the term “Black Moon” also refers to the fourth new moon in a season.

The Sun, Moon and Venus are in Leo, so now we have moved away from this emotional, deep watery Cancer energy into a fixed fire energy. The energy surrounding this New Moon is a more upbeat energy, more social, and more playful. We might be feeling the urge to make plans with friends, as well as the need for freedom and the urge to explore!

The Leo New Moon is here to shine a light on your love life, finances and creativity. The Sun in Leo brings joy, fresh new energy, passion and self-expression. Leo is the sign of creativity, and we are being called to tap into our creative endeavours as we confidently and boldly pursue our dreams and desires.
With this Leo energy, it’s all about letting your light shine. Think about your unique divine spark, what light do you have and how can you shine this gift out into the world? The more you can shine your light without ego, the more you can encourage others to shine theirs too.

Leo is big heart energy, it’s ruled by the sun, its very essence is love and this moon is calling us to beam it out to the world.
Are you broadcasting love through your frequency? Are you emitting love out into the world? Remember, that the Universe mirrors your frequency, what you send out you get back. If you are lacking in love in your life, send it out to all that you meet and watch how it flows back to you. Always check in with yourself to feel where your frequency is at, if you are living in love, think about how you can broadcast it more widely out into the world.

Take time to meditate to help unleash your creativity, as well as tap into the abundant and vibrant energy of the Sun, the more we tune in, the more we can draw in this positive, glowing prana. For some, this energy can feel fast paced and intense, so remember to slow down and meditate to remind yourself of the feeling of calmness.

The other theme of this Leo Moon is leadership; often Leo’s can get a bad reputation for being “overly confident” or too free spirited. Leo’s carry a lot of natural charm and charisma and are often thriving when they’re in the limelight. This fiery Leo energy can trigger feelings of competition within us, because they’re simply reminding us of what we’re NOT doing. Instead of feeling jealousy towards this type of energy, try and embrace it, try not to judge. You don’t know how long it’s taken someone to get to that level of confidence and feel comfortable shining that light out to the world. Instead of putting them down, cheer them on. Celebrate every moment when someone chooses to shine, and let it inspire you to do the same.

The shadow side of Leo is there can be overconfidence, a grandiosity, “the parties here, we can start now” type of energy. Be careful not to misjudge situations because of overconfidence, and take time to assess things properly. Be aware of this energy with leaders and people of authority, make your own mind up before you follow suit.

Remember that we are co-creators. What we think we attract, we become what we believe. As a collective the more energy and focus we put into something the more powerful it will become, and the quicker we can manifest.
Under this New Moon I urge you to set a new intention for a new kind of leadership in the world, a new kind of dynamic, a leadership that moves with influence from the Divine Feminine, a power that comes from a place of compassion. Set an intention for a heart based leadership that has compassion and empathy for all living beings.
As a collective consciousness we are very powerful, and we are co-creating the world at every moment. We create our own reality and we also shape the reality of the collective. With this heart felt Leo sun energy, use the magic to influence a more compassionate and loving world. Create a new reality for all living beings.
We are more powerful than we know.

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