Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Pisces

On Sunday 23rd February 2020 the Sun and the Moon conjunct at 4° of Pisces, bringing us an energetically powerful New Moon that is ushering a new sense of balance and clarity, and asking us to dive deeper into our spiritual exploration.

The New Moon in Pisces is happening at the same time as Mercury is stationed retrograde in Pisces, the mystical water sign that will be helping us reconnect or re-align with our higher purpose on our souls mission or spiritual path.

Mercury rules every form of communication and the mind, and Pisces is intuitive heart energy, it’s creative and dreamy by nature and carries hidden energy that allows us to go to profound places to do the visionary work. This New Moon is calling for us to do the inner work and listen to our inner voice, making this a potent time for self reflection, as we will be encouraged to dive deep into this watery energy to uncover new depths about ourselves and rediscover our purpose.

The Last New Moon in January was in Aquarius, which was all about the bigger picture, our community and how we can extend our gifts to help others, now it is time to delve into our own magick to see where our spiritual practice will take us next, as well as help us strengthen and develop our intuition or our psychic abilities.

The answers that we seek under this New Moon will be found within. Pay close attention to what your dreams are trying to tell you, what comes up for you in meditation and the signs and synchronicities throughout your day. This is the Pisces energy guiding you, now is the perfect time to tune into your intuition and delve into dream journaling, divination and creative writing

Pisces Season with Mercury Retrograde, will return us to the 'womb space’ for it is a sign deeply connected to water and is the last sign of the zodiac and one that rules the 12th house which is behind the 1st house of birth. If we think about the womb as a place that creates life, then the energies residing in the womb (or womb space) manifest the very powers of creation. Thus, we are being asked to come into a state of incubation, back to a state of being that is innate within us, to come home to ourselves, our dreams and our intentions of the miracles we want to unfold in our reality. 

This New Moon in Pisces energy is giving us access to our higher wisdom, to our inner compass and guidance system, our inner dreamer and our souls most authentic light. We are being asked to dream the impossible and connect with our souls expanding ascended energy. Piscean energy is all about imagination and fantasy, using the power of your mind to connect with your vision. 

How can you take these images in your mind and project them into your reality? This Moon is all about simplifying these goals and actions so you can incorporate them into your daily life. Break it down into simple steps so that you can feel like you are listening to your soul and taking action in this physical world.

Allow the element of surprise to meet you where you are in life, loosen the grip of trying to control everything and offer your trust up to the Divine. Be open to solutions and to new pathways to present themselves to you, ones that you didn’t pre-write into your fantasy. It is only when we let go and trust that what is truly meant for us can flow to us.

There is a beautiful symmetry to this New Moon, a romantic, connective and communicative energy asking us to submerge in deep dialogue.
This is a wonderful Moon if there's a conversation you are wanting to explore, or wanting to go a little deeper into a relationship. If you approach this energy with a state of softness, curiosity and play you can expect for a deepening and development of connectedness.

We have some much needed earthly grounded energy during our New Moon, with Mars at 4° of Capricorn and Uranus at 3° of Taurus, making a perfect sextile at either side of this beautiful visionary watery moon. It is bringing us balance through water and earth. 

The New Moon in Pisces is asking you to think outside the box, to dream big, and to ask yourself if you had no limitations what would your life look like? Play with the fantasy and exploration of the Pisces Moon and let your imagination run wild.

New Moons are always a time for reflection, for planting new seeds and new goals for the desires we wish to reach. They are a time for sitting with ourselves in the dark and using our innate wisdom to intuitively guide us to where we need to be. This Pisces New Moon is giving you permission to reevaluate your intentions and sit and ask yourself "what is my true desire?"

Is there something that you are doing or trying to pursue that really isn't in alignment with you anymore? Are there any goals or versions of yourself that you have created out of ego rather than the love for wanting it? 
If you put your hand on your heart and asked yourself “does this bring me ultimate joy and is this really the path that I want to go down?” would you be telling yourself the truth? “Is this job or this project really what I want?”

Sometimes we do things in life because we think we have to, or because an older version of ourselves wanted to do it, and that idea or belief is outdated or outgrown. Perhaps you decided to start something because you saw someone else do it and decided that you wanted that too. 

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to just let that go? To free yourself from this that no longer serves you or makes you happy? What if you didn’t have to play that role anymore or do that project? What if you were honest with yourself and just stopped doing it?

When it comes to your intentions, do you have that burning passion and fuel to fulfil this desire no matter what? 

The energy of this Moon is asking you to observe your thoughts, your actions, your choices, your desires and everything you think you want, and ask yourself the question is any of this serving me? You can choose to either go deeper into it or see that it isn't serving you anymore. What areas of your life are you stopping authentic growth? Where are you cutting off your true desires and where are you letting yourself grow? 

Now is the perfect time to plant a new seed for an intention that resonates with who you are now, and who you want to be. Use this beautiful, angelic and ethereal energy of this Pisces New Moon to connect to unconditional love, to oneness and to source so that you can embody your true self. Your soul is calling you home...

Blessed New Moon!

(New Moon Ritual coming soon!)


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  • Faye

    I can’t even begin to explain how much this resonated with me! Absolutely love your blogs thank you so much for the work that you do! Forever grateful for you, thank you for inspiring me once again 💗

  • Holly

    The accuracy has astounded me once again 🔮✨💗

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