Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Pisces 2021

The New Moon in Pisces on the 13th March brings a new wave of consciousness with its dreamy, ethereal and transformative energy. The Pisces New Moons falls at 23° & 3 minutes which is a point of initiation and new beginnings, a very significant alignment with Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac, it’s energy bringing about completion, unravelling, releasing and letting go.

There is a sense of something coming into awareness that you’re ready to let go of, something that you have healed from or a spiritual lesson that has ran its course, which is part of this Pisces energy that will be opening your heart up for greater expansion and revealing itself to you later in March and April when we move into the energetic new year at the Equinox.

With Piscean energy we fall into a deeper state of consciousness, it heightens our intuition and encourages our emotions to flow, during this New Moon there is a lot of loving and nurturing energy in our cosmic skies that could be the recipe for deep karmic soul healing.

At this New Moon we have 3 planets in Aquarius; Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn, and we have 4 planets in Pisces. The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 23° of Pisces, and Venus conjunct Neptune. 4 planets gathered together at this New Moon supporting you, and helping you understand what has been transforming within you. 

The energy surrounding this Pisces New Moon inspires us to dream, create and flourish, but there is something on a soul level that needs to be released. There is a huge release point happening and a sense that a message is coming through from our soul, channeled by our higher-self, something of great importance, a life lesson from one of our many lifetimes, something that will help us evolve further on our journey.  

This could be a very emotional and intense time for you, you may feel big waves of energy coming to the surface, during this New Moon allow these transformative energies to flow through you. There are higher forces at play and bigger energies coming through supporting you in a significant release of a cycle you have been moving through that you have had to trust and surrender to, and here we have a big opportunity to let this go and this New Moon is bringing a greater understanding of why it’s over now.

The biggest theme for this year is ascension energy, and for the next 23 years we have a lot of Aquarian energy, with Jupiter in Aquarius for most of 2021 and Saturn will be in Aquarius until 2023. Aquarius energy is linked to our higher mind, our evolution, our ability to see and feel things is a different way, which will ultimately lead us down a path of becoming our most highest and vibrational self.

You may feel you are becoming more psychically sensitive, light sensitive, perhaps see and feel energy in a way you couldn’t comprehend before. These might be coming in very subtly for you, or you may be feeling quite disabled in your body, feelings of detachments or disconnectedness with extreme tiredness or dizziness because every cell in your body is being upgraded. So as we journey through this ascension process together, it is important to remember that these feelings and experiences are normal and part of your adventure in this consciousness revolution and not to be feared. 

Although there is a lot of upheaval and disruption on the earth at this time on a 3D level, cosmically and spiritually we are rising and heading towards a new world and it is indeed a huge blessing to be a part of this rising of consciousness at this time. 

This New Moon is the perfect time to get out of the head and into the heart, out of the body and into the ethereal realms. Piscean energy has a very mystical quality to it, it is very dreamy, creative, intuitive and magical. Pisces is connected to altered states, and in those states you are channeling the other. Deep in the magick and mystery you could be channelling poetry, painting, dancing, creative writing; a sense of being out of this reality and belonging somewhere else. That place you find yourself when you’re in the zone, transcending time and space. This is where the magick happens. 

Neptune, Pisces ruler, is very much connected to dreams and divine consciousness, to our higher-self, so pay close attention to your dreams and any symbolism that may be coming through for you at this time. It could be a good idea to keep a dream journal and to meditate on what it is that is coming through for you.

Pisces energy is about the intangible, about seeing and feeling energy, and with these 3 planets in Aquarius and 4 planets in Pisces the last two signs in the zodiac symbolising higher minds, higher states of consciousness, and the ethereal, I feel this energy is encouraging us to use our inner state as our internal navigation system, to channel our innate wisdom, our inner knowing to guide us rather than using mind and logic. 

We are moving into a different paradigm, and moving towards higher frequency energy and emotions, we are moving towards living from the heart instead of the head. At this time we should be embodying love, gratitude, compassion, peace. We seem to forget that this frequency is what we are born with, our birthright, our blueprint to the Cosmos.

Being in this higher frequency energy is a magnet for attracting abundance and manifesting intentions. When you live in the energy of love and gratitude, things you desire naturally flow to you, and especially now under this Piscean energy we can use our abundance mindset to attract whatever it is we desire. 

The reality we feed our consciousness is what flourishes and comes into fruition, so under this New Moon be sure that your thoughts, words, actions and frequency are in alignment with what you desire. Take time to sit with yourself, your wants, your needs, and really allow this dreamy and intuitive moon to guide you.

Set up a relaxing space for you to zone out and tune in to Spirit. Close your eyes and tune into your breath, feel into what emotions are residing in you, become aware of how you're feeling, what you're thinking, check in with yourself and ask yourself are they in alignment with what you want or who you want to be? Visualise your desired outcome, sit in this energy, write them down as though they’re in the present tense, as though you are easily reaching the things you desire. Feel the love, gratitude and abundance radiating through your heart, and then shine this feeling out into the world.

Celebrate the beauty in all things, in nature, and in yourself and you will not only be a beacon of light radiating out into the world, but a vessel for infinite abundant blessings to flow through you.

New Moon Blessings to you all, please leave a comment if you have read and enjoyed this blog.

Love and Magick always, 

Samantha xxx

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