Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Scorpio 2019

The Scorpio New Moon falls on October 27-28th and is bringing strong waves of transformational energy that we will feel deeply in our hearts, and our very core.

Every New Moon is a time of inner union, a time when the Sun and the Moon are exactly conjunct at the same point in the sky, together at 4 degrees and 25 minutes of Scorpio.

It’s the union of masculine and feminine, of yin and yang, the reunion and reintegration of the two celestial bodies since the last pairing in the New Moon in Libra.

The Sun and Moon in Scorpio is an intense connection into your emotional well being, it delves into where you go to feel things that others don’t see, your shadow aspects and your private feelings. It's a place of looking at where your emotions can drive you and it’s an extremely intense, passionate and ambitious energy that is ready to get things going, to make things happen. However this Scorpio energy can only be focused and driven when it knows where to go, when you have set an intention and focus on a goal or an end result.

Even though it’s not a Full Moon, this Scorpio energy is a good time to let go and to look at any deep rooted emotions and that have been repressed and kept locked away, you can use this energy to let them come into the light and release them. This New Moon can represent an emotional new beginning. 

Throughout Scorpio season, we are going to learn how to merge within ourselves, both light and shadow, but also within others, as we share ourselves through intimacy, transparency and vulnerability. This is our opportunity to dive deep into the unexamined passageways of our hearts and our minds and really liberate ourselves from anything deep within us we haven’t had the courage to talk about thus far.
This is the perfect time to set an intention around inner healing and the Universe is asking us to bring any pain to the surface to be transformed. Feel into this Scorpio energy, think about how you are feeling, what is coming up for you, what are the Scorpio themes coming through for you at this time? We are being encouraged to honour where we are ready to step into a new power. 

Your new power if your gift from the darkness, from the place you once didn’t see any light. This is your new healthy power, a power gained from fears you have grown from, from what you have learned, the parts of yourself that has transformed from difficult times.

Scorpio energy has 3 types of archetypes; the Scorpion with its sting, the ability to be sensitive and loving but will attack when feeling threatened, unafraid of revenge. The second energy being the Phoenix rising from deep transformation, going into the dark depths of one's soul but being determined to rise up, and the third is Eagle energy; wise and emotional energy with the ability to see into truth, and seeing things from a higher perspective and understanding what’s worth your emotional energy.

There’s an awakening of freedom, feelings of liberation and closure, if you have been working on something deeply emotionally and intense, this New Moon can set you free. You are no longer afraid of what’s coming up for you and the more you work through these emotions the more you dig into the layers of your emotional underworld, the more you create space for soul growth.

There is a turning point with this New Moon, feelings of putting your emotional well-being first, you are no longer willing to settle for things that don’t serve your highest good and internal happiness, this is a good time to look at what you now find important and valuable in your life.

Often we can absorb energy from other people, we take on their pain and their projections and feel as it is our own, this moon can help us see how we have transmuted the many things that we took on from other people. We can become aware of behavioural patterns, toxic cycles and really dive into what needs to be healed. It is helping us to undo the harm we may have caused ourselves from allowing unhealthy situations in our life, and to free things from deep within us.

Tap into this Scorpio energy, you are the Phoenix rising, rising up to be that eagle setting yourself free, with a new sense of emotional clarity. You are learning how to unravel, how to be more independent in relationships, and understand how to be your own individual and stand in your power as well as form a union. You are understanding what is healthy and what is toxic, what can stay and what must go. Any intentions set under this New Moon energy should be on harmonious relationships with yourself as well as others, and peace. Peace for you, for putting an end to anything that does not serve you, and for putting yourself and your heart first. 

This New Moon is calling us to yield to a force much greater than we can comprehend, and trust that working with our shadow is what brings us the deepest form of healing and transformation. We are being asked to honour the union of Light and Dark and to embrace both polarities. We are being urged to search within for answers, and to understand new aspects of our power, to see new understanding of our shadows, to understand how our emotions have been the driving point for all our decisions, both good and bad, internally and externally. We are understanding more about ourselves and how we show up in an honest way with other people. This is about being open and honest with yourself and continuing to do the inner work with greater trust in yourself.

Scorpio energy is all about tapping into things that have been locked away, we have to unleash the pain to tap into the magick. Think about how you can show up in the world feeling powerful and strong. This is your opportunity to draw in a deeper sense of self-acceptance and to acknowledge and understand your role in the world and the light that you bring to it. Use your focus and intention setting on things that will help you tap into your personal power and magick.

You may be feeling a deep sense of what you are done with emotionally, these are very intense times and things are coming to an end. Now is a good time to journal on what is ending for you and what has been transformed within you and for you. Be grateful for the lessons, no matter how big or small or how painful they might have been.

This is your time to return home to yourself in a very powerful way, this is your time of soul liberation.

During Scorpio season we are being downloaded with new light codes coming through from the sun, and these upgrades are essential soul food to help you move through anything that’s been hanging on to you. You may have undergone very intense and emotional shifts and experienced deeply painful times, but now there is a sense that you have had enough, and you are ready to heal to transform. The Darker Half of the year is for cleansing the shadow and supporting the soul growth. 

This New Moon asks that we allow ourselves to continue to heal, to shed, to die and transform, no matter how painful, for these are the fuel for our continued growth on this earthly plane. Trust that you will always be reborn.

Happy New Moon in Scorpio xxx

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