Intuitive Astrology: Sagittarius Full Moon

On June 17th The Full Moon will grace our skies in the optimistic and buoyant sign of Sagittarius, sitting just degrees away from our bright and sparkly Galactic Centre. The energetic effects of this are going to amplify and upgrade the collective consciousness as well as raise the frequency of our planet.

This moon is bringing us the opportunity to shift to that higher state of consciousness, by helping us to raise our vibration. We are entering into an evolution of consciousness and being given cosmic upgrades, we just need to slow down, listen and be present to the pouring in of new downloads and information.

This is a dreamy Full Moon that will amplify our intuitive gifts and allow us to unlock the wisdom we already have inside of us. For a lot of us it’s easy to forget why we are here, what our purpose is, our life’s mission… forgetting that every piece of information we need was given to us before we came into this body, this vessel that houses our soul. Under the illumination of this Full Moon it is going to be easier for us to tap into that sacred knowledge and wisdom.

So under the guidance of this Sag moon, listen out for whispers from your soul, your higher-self will be giving you insight to who you are, but more importantly where you are ready to expand. This Sag moon is inviting you to go beyond what you have known.

Around this moon, you may feel a stronger urge to connect to source, to the Divine, to feel closer to God (or any higher power of your understanding) this is your spiritual expansion, your cosmic upgrade, your reminder that everything you need is already within you. Take this time to nurture yourself, and to love yourself exactly how you are. After all, we are only here to embody love, to spread love, and to be loved.

There’s a lot of energy around this full moon around movement. An urge to explore the unknown, seek new adventure by pulling you towards something new you need to learn about. Sagittarius is a seeker, an explorer who wants to do mystical travels, who wants to understand the bigger picture. This moon is also working with our minds desires to have a better understanding of who we are and where we are going, and is asking is to keep trusting. This full moon, along with other energies in the cosmos reminds us to look at the bigger picture of our life. With the help from our heightened creativity and imagination, we can dream up a better future for ourselves, and with increased intuition and courage, we can we can make bold steps towards making these dreams come true.

This month has been heavily focused around speaking our truth, and understanding if there's areas in our lives that we need to be more truthful in. Perhaps there is something we haven’t been completely honest with ourselves about? Are we pretending we’re ok when deep down we know we’re not? Sagittarius is a fire sign so this fiery energy is here to give us the confidence to face up to whatever it is we need to deal with, and stand in our own truth.

While there is this beautiful intuitive, creative, and dreamy energy surrounding this Full Moon, it's fiery energy is definitely here to shake up our world, but only for the better! It is asking us to embrace who we are, and shine our light on the world. Embrace your inner weirdo in its entirety. We should not dim our own light to fit in or to please others, we must keep the fire burning bright within. For it is in that light you shine on the world that brings you who is meant to be in your life. Like a moth to a flame. 

We must remember who we are, and remember that we create our own reality, everything we need is already within. In true Sag style, don't be afraid to pick up that bow and arrow, point it toward your dreams trust that you will hit your mark perfectly. You hold the power.

Full Moons are always a culmination, a point of release, a completion energy. So if there is something that needs to be released from your life, expect that to be illuminated for you this month. This is the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins which means you might be feeling this more than normal this month. Allow things to come to the surface, sit with your emotions, feel to heal.

The July Eclipse Season has a potency to it, which means that this June Full Moon is a chance for us to prepare ourselves for what’s to come. Pay close attention to any signs, synchronicity's or triggers that are presented to you at this time, as they may come back around to be resolved and cleared once and for all in July.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is here to ignite your soul so you can be your own guiding light through Eclipse Season. It is bringing a happy, optimistic energy with it and is encouraging you to peel back the layers to uncover your own truth, your own mystery, your own power. Trust in the process and let your intuition guide you. The energy of this moon is truly one of the best this year will bring and is here to elevate us all to that next level.

Take time to connect with yourself, switch off your phone and be present. Make time to meditate, write in your diary and do your ritual work, your soul needs this for your spiritual expansion. Any work based on self love or inner healing is a great way to prepare yourself for the magic that Eclipse Season will unfold.

Ritual coming soon!

Happy Full Moon



  • Leona Harris

    A more personal in depth descriptive blog about the every changing moon cycle and how it’s waxing and waning affects us spiritually and emotionally. We are absolutely stardust! 💫💕

  • Christine King

    As usual Samantha explains in depth and clarity the reasons we all feel the energies of each full moon. Intuitive and dreamy and powerful we are being prepared for the eclipses to come and thank you Samantha for your guidance on how to prepare ourselves for the cosmic shifts ahead. Much love Wyrd Sister xxxx

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