Intuitive Astrology: Super New Moon in Libra

On the Autumn equinox, the Sun moved into the sign of Libra, how perfect to fall on a day of equal balance. On the 28th of September, 2019 we will have a Super New Moon at 5 degrees of Libra, opposing Chiron in Aries, square to Saturn. 
The Libra SuperMoon is here to highlight the relationship with ourselves.

This moon is going to teach us to accept ourselves, and have self love for who we are, so that we can feel more aligned and centred within ourselves, so that we can get a clear understanding on what we can offer out into the world. The SuperMoon means things are going to feel more intense, bringing an incredible heaviness, and depth in these transits. It is likely to stir up deep rooted wounds from childhood for releasing. It is time to break those self limiting beliefs and cut all karmic ties.

As the moon falls in the sign of Libra, we also may feel challenged in our relationships, there may be feelings of not being in alignment with your partner anymore, and you may be vibrating at different frequencies. It is a good time to challenge and question some of the relationships and connections you have created and see where boundaries need to be put in place.

This is a time of confronting yourself and asking yourself what is lacking in your life? There should be a great sense of moving forward and this is a chance to step up and honour yourself. Meditate on these questions… what do you value most? What do you cherish? What do you love? What would you love to share to the world, and how would you love to connect with others?

This moon is going to invite you to share what you love with people who have similar interests and passions as you. We all have things we love, and it is often that the things we are drawn to the most, is what we should be sharing with the world. Our greatest hobbies and passions are our greatest light. 
Sometimes it can feel difficult to connect with people who share similar values as you, and this can lead to a sense of isolation; however this moon is inviting you to step up, be brave and reach out for those connections. 

If you're not surrounded by people who support you or your values, then this your call to step up and create your own. Be the leader, start a movement, lead yourself into a revolution. Once you initiate that structure and lay down a foundation you can create your own value system.

If you want to create something you have to become it, then you can create a world that honours your vision. Don’t just dream it, don't just talk about it, don’t just mentally focus on it. You need to get into your body, and do the work in the 3rd dimension to build your dream, you are so capable and you are the co-creator of your own reality.

There is a healing through building relationships, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You may be feeling the need to introvert, to pull back and hide your vision because you’re afraid you might not receive the support. This is a challenge and you should reach out and ask for support.
Get the counselling, do the sound healing, find your spiritual coach, do whatever it takes to start your healing journey.

Libra honours what we value and what we cherish first, and then we initiate and ignite these values to inspire others. If you want to bring people together, why not start a book club, or a writers club, maybe even a monthly moon circle. Whatever your passion is, use it to bring people together. You might just find your perfect weirdo!

Know that you are safe, and that it is ok to do the work; honouring your inner values means being a respectful adult that is laying down the foundations for the inner child. Its ok to feel depressed, anxious, sensitive, frustrated or even angry, use these emotions to fuel you and drive you forward to make a better change, not only in your life, but in others. 

This moon is all about finding the relationships that support us, and having the security within ourselves that allows us to honour, and stand up for these supporting relationships; because if we don't support ourselves on the inside, we are going to be incapable of forming healthy supportive relationships on the outside.

We are in very powerful times right now, Saturn and Pluto stationing direct on their own south nodes, a powerful complete recourse in our world in terms of what it means to be a human being, to be a successful and abundant human society.

This is a rite of passage, an initiation to stand up as the leaders and authority that we came here to be.

There are subtle energies flowing through us more easily during this time, the veil between us and the higher world has fallen, meaning energy is more permeable. This is a great time to meditate, focus on what you want and manifest your new reality, your new beginning. Spend time in nature and allow new insights and downloads to come to you.

SuperMoon Blessings everyone!



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