Intuitive Astrology: Super New Moon in Virgo

The September 17th Super New Moon falls in the sign of Virgo and is the first in a line up of three Super New Moons.

The energy of this beautiful New Moon has emphasis on nurturing and healing. Shadow season is fast approaching and is a time here in the Northern Hemisphere where we start to take our journey inwards for self reflection and introspection. Just as the world around us starts to wane, we can look towards these darker months for guidance on what it is we internally need to let go of and shed, and what it is we need to harvest to keep us full of gratitude and vitality through these winter months.

Before we start to prepare for the season of rest, we should start to think about what needs organising and tidying in our lives. With the Moon in Virgo energy, we can start to take a practical approach to what areas of our lives need decluttering and organising, whether that be our home, space or our mind. 

One of Virgo's superpowers is that it is very closely linked to the ancient wisdom of the earth, through natural healing and medicine; making this an excellent time to invest into studying herbal remedies. Virgo knows and understands that Mother Gaia provides everything we need to heal us through her herbs and plants, so now is a great time to delve into these natural medicines such as tonics and essential oils to help boost our health and well-being during this time. Virgo is also closely connected to the gut - so focusing on our microbiome at this time can be really beneficial, as the stronger our microbiome ecosystem is, the healthier the bacteria and the stronger our immune system will be. Can you set an intention based around health and nutrition during this New Moon? 

Earthly Virgo gets us thinking analytically about all that we have achieved this year and where we can focus our energy not only through this next lunar cycle but for the rest of the year.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, so you may find yourself rooted in yourself and your ideas whilst in communication with others over this lunar cycle. Mercury is squared to Jupiter during this Virgo SuperMoon so the energy here is big expansion, big horizons and authentic communication. Virgo allows us to express conscious thinking and conscious choices, so be mindful of what you are thinking, it's the little micro choices we make on a day to day basis that help us choose our thoughts and use our time wisely. Remember, our thoughts can shape our reality, so if you're feeling like your mind is more overactive that usual, take time to ground and centre yourself. 

New moons are a cosmic reset and this is a blank slate for you to set intentions for a bright new beginning. The Virgo SuperMoon is bringing powerful manifestation energy and it is time to use your imagination and tune into your dreams, your biggest visions, and an opportunity to envisage something that is so far ahead of who you have been and how you have been, an opportunity to build on something big for your future. 

Tap into this earthly grounded energy to focus on what it is that you want to bring into your life, there is a whole new world waiting for us to claim, and we are co-creating this new reality in every moment. Remember everything you need already lives within you. As Above, So Below, As within, So Without.

Divine messages for this New Moon:

Make self care a priority now. How can you take practical action towards nourishing and healing yourself?

Take time to ground and set intentions for the earth.

What are your intentions over this coming lunar cycle?

Did you set an intention at the start of the week? If so, how is it unfolding for you?

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