Journey Through The Veil Meditation

Journey through the veil

This meditation should be done with only pure intentions, make sure you ground and protect yourself before you do this journey through the veil meditation. Simple ways of grounding and protecting can be done by visualising yourself surrounded by pure white light. 

Imagine yourself walking in a barren October wood, all the trees are bare and crisp golden-brown leaves lay on the floor. It is so silent and almost eerie, you hear the leaves crack beneath your feet with each step you take. You walk calmly and peacefully through this beautiful wood, no sign of life anywhere, yet you are filled with the sense of familiarity, like you have been here before. You start to hear the crackle of a fire and as you walk on deeper through this wood you notice big black smoke billowing out above the trees. You follow the smoke and as you walk closer you see a huge bonfire in front of you. You sit peacefully and stare into the flames, you can feel the intense heat against your face, almost burning. But you are so mesmerised you can’t move.

The fire symbolises rebirth and integration, the passageway to the other side.

"Spirit guides and ancestors, as I come towards you tonight I pray that you will recognise me, that you will speak my name, just as I hold yours in my heart and mind."

You start to notice that the fire is dying down, its roar becomes a lick, the flames become a smoulder, and as the last few embers fade away you see your ancestor emerge from what once stood the flames.

Once you have made a connection with who has come forward for you, ask them if they have a message for you. Take the time to feel who is coming for you, what messages are you receiving, what advice are they giving you?

Some examples of questions to ask

  • Who has come forward to greet you?
  • What message do they have for you?
  • What advice can they give you?
  • What messages can you take away with you?
  • What is it that you need to know and understand more tonight?
  • What skills are you going to develop in the year ahead?
  • What challenges do you face and what can you do to strengthen now?

"Ancestors and spirit guides I pray that you are proud of me, I am here because you were. I ask that you activate the healing for me tonight, the forgiveness, the love. I thank you for being present and giving me this gift of healing. I thank you for the guidance and knowledge I have received tonight."

Once you feel you have stayed as long as necessary, start to say your goodbyes. Give them hugs, tell them how much you love them. Tell them how much you miss them. 

"Spirit guides and ancestor’s, I now bid you farewell, I thank you for your love and your support, and I do hope that I are making you proud. I love you."

"I ask you ancestors that as I journey back you will close the veil safely behind me. I thank you for your integration tonight, and know that I am always thinking of you."

Take a few moments to sit with what just happened, sit with that beautiful gift. Write down anything that came to you, who you saw, the messages you received. Remember that not all who have crossed over still look the same as you remember them, once they have evolved and journeyed into a higher dimension, they may not take on their human form. They vibrate at a much higher frequency and may come to you as a ball of light, as a sound, as a vibration, as a feeling. Just know that they have come forward for you with healing and love and light. 

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