Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

The Sagittarius Full Moon on 17th June is dreamy, intuitive and fiery and bringing us all the creative feels! Sagittarius is a seeker of truth, an explorer of new adventures and knowledge, and is here to remind us that the magic we seek, has been inside us all along.
The fiery sign of Sagittarius will help ignite the fire within so we can step into our personal power, our own truth, and help guide us intuitively to explore our dreams in a new direction.

The energies surrounding this Full Moon are bringing us waves of new inspiration, but on a deeper level, if we so desire, will be gifting us with new downloads of cosmic information, all for the greater good of our spiritual expansion.

As with any Full Moon, we are being shown what needs to be released from our lives by triggers, certain emotions, or specific patterns that are occurring. These are clues as to what needs to be released or resolved in order for you to move forward in your life, and to grow spiritually. With eclipse season just around the corner, a lot of these issues will be highlighted and exaggerated. If you stop to tune in under the influence of this moon, then you will be given a head start on your journey to spiritual evolution.

I have written a ritual that you can follow to help you gain access to this energy and tap into these cosmic gifts.

  • A Full Moon Detox Bath - as this is an intuitive moon you need to get in water (trust me) having a bath around a full moon helps us connect with her energy on a deeper level. Using salts and essential oils to cleanse & detox before your ritual helps you to get into a meditative state.
  • Any crystals that resonate with the Throat Chakra (blues stones such as Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Angelite, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Kyanite)
  • 3 white candles
  • Smudging tool of choice (eg. Sage, Palo Santo)
  • Pen/moon journal

  1. Cleanse yourself in the bath if you can, if not a shower will suffice. (the power is in the intention) Starting your ritual off this way helps clear away any unwanted or negative energies from the last lunar cycle, as well as help you connect to your higher self. Our Full Moon Ritual Detox Bath is a powerful preparation to detoxify and release what no longer serves you.
    Spend as long as you need in the bath, light your candles, add your essential oils and salts. Submerge in the water and call upon your higher self or angels for guidance. Have you crystals either in the bath with you or on the side. Play some meditation music so you can dive deep during this first and most important part of the ritual. I recommend this meditation for raising your vibration and attracting love

    Close your eyes and take some deep breaths, bring your awareness solely to your breath. Tune in to the rise and fall of your abdomen, feeling as your diaphragm expands with the inhalation, and the belly collapsing on the exhalation. Follow the rise and fall of the belly, the cool breath making its way from the throat chakra down to the naval, making each breath longer, deeper, more conscious. Allow your whole body to soften, to become one with the water.

    Recite the following or say whatever comes to you in the moment.
    I call to source, my higher self, God, my angels, guardian angels, spirit guides, and I ask you to please show me how to surrender, show me how to listen. Show me how to move and what to say, show me the next step, show me where I need to go.
    I am ready to hear whatever I need to hear. Show me what I need to know.”

    Stay as long as you need to, take a mental note of what is coming up for you. What guidance are you receiving? What messages or images are stirring for you? Take this time for you to relax and tune in. The more open you are, the easier the downloads.

  2. Now that you are out of the bath, set up your sacred space. Have your crystals, moon journal, smudge tools and candles all set up however you feel drawn to.

  3. Smudge your aura and your tools. By doing this you help to create a protective and high vibrational space to do your energy work. As you smudge yourself, recite the following smudging prayer or mantra, or write your own, one that resonates with you -

“Into this smoke I release all that does not serve me, all negativity that surrounds me and all fears that limit or stop me becoming the best version of me.”

As you smudge your surroundings, your alter, your home, recite the following -

I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. Only positive energy may enter this space. I am protected and guided always through my spiritual work. I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. My home is cleansed and I am renewed. My home is cleansed and I am renewed, my home is cleansed and I am renewed.”

  1. Light your candles, take a few slow deep breaths, relax and calm the mind. Place your hands into prayer position in front of your heart centre or palms facing up towards the sky and take a moment to connect to the element of fire. Recite the following - “I call to the guardians of the southern gateway, direction of south, and I ask you to bless me with fresh inspiration, passion and vitality. May your powers of transformation light me up and guide me home.”

  2. Take your moon journal and write down anything that you feel your higher self needs to hear. What do YOU need to hear? If you could give yourself advice, what would it be? Express with your truth from the heart.

    5. Releasing Ritual - Next, write a list of the communication/thoughts that are happening inside your head that you are ready to shift. Beliefs, stories, habits, all that you wish to leave behind with this moon phase. What are you letting go of? Free it up. Give it a voice. Let it out. Let it go and then burn it with a candle. (safely - make sure you have a bowl of water by you)

  3. Stand In Your Illuminated Vision - With the space created from what you released, it's now time to get creative with making a 'vision board' of your medium (whether visually with a painting or drawings or dance or writing in your journal) and express your truth, dreams and visions, and all that you wish to bring more attention and energy to for yourself and for the planet. Place this out into the moonlight/speak it/sing it under the illuminating magic of the Full Moon.

    6. For the final part of your ritual, sit and hold your crystal/s in your left hand again, examining it, tuning into its vibration, it’s weight, it’s shape, colour, form etc.

Breathe into the energy of this crystal and feel your consciousness expanding, breathing in and out deeply through the nose, almost inhaling its magic with each inhalation. Ask the crystal to show you with clarity and understanding what you need to know. What is it that you need to do or see in order for you to move forward. Sit in meditation and feel into what you are receiving.

7. Finally, sit in meditation and visualise Mother Moon pouring white light energy into your crown chakra and it flowing all the way into Mother Earth through your feet. Feel yourself both connecting to source and grounding into Gaia at the same time. Trust that your crown chakra is open and that fresh, new cosmic energy is pouring in to nourish your soul.

Stay here as long as you feel drawn to. With gratitude and love, openly accept your cosmic downloads. You are being nourished, guided, and expanded. When you are ready, extinguish the candles and give thanks to the Universe and Mother Moon for raising your vibration.

8. Over the next few days make sure to check in with yourself through meditation, checking where your frequency is and making a conscious decision to raise it to keep your vibration strong, as to let these cosmic downloads take place.

And So it is done. Blessed be!


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