Cancer Super Full Moon Ritual

 Super Full Moon in Cancer

Welcoming the New Year with open arms, excitement and reflection.

January 2018 is kickstarting the year with a bang by blessing us with a Super Full Moon on the 1st and 2nd and ending with a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 31st!

Full Moon’s represents a time of completion and releasing, an opportunity to cleanse your mind, body and spirit as well as your lives as you release what no longer serves you. As this Full Moon falls in the water sign of Cancer, the energy is asking us to be gentle with ourselves and truly give love to one and other as well as ourselves.

We start this year off surrounded by love from our closest friends and family, and with this energy we move forward into a New Year full of gratitude, new hopes and dreams and a chance for fresh opportunities. With this in mind I created this ritual to remind us to bring closure on the year just passed as well as set intentions for 2018.

This ritual is designed to help cleanse and release all energy that is holding you back, to release stagnant, negative energy that is weighing you down, and to welcome and embrace the new energies of the year ahead.

You will need:

• Sage for smudging (or any another smudging tool of your choice)
• Candles
• Rose Quartz & Moonstone if possible
• Bowl of water
• Pen/Paper/Moon Journal
• Your favourite blend of essential oil magic (you can also use dried herbs and flowers)


1. Start by smudging your front door in a clockwise motion, as you do this you are cleansing and purifying the old energies ready to bring in the new year.
Cleanse every corner of your home in each room ending at your back door, and repeat the process backwards in an anti-clockwise direction, finishing back at your front door.

Once you have done that begin smudging your aura, starting at the top of your head and finishing at your feet. Smudge your sacred space or your alter. As you do this, visualize the smoke taking away with it any negative energies from your life.
As you smudge yourself, recite a smudging prayer or the following affirmation three times:

“I cleanse and release all energy that does not serve my highest good. I let go of any energy that is holding me back. I release any blockages that are stopping me for becoming my true authentic self. I cleanse myself so that I am free, I cleanse myself so that I may move forward without any fear or doubt in my heart. I cleanse myself of any worries or troubles so that I may start this new year with only pure, loving vibrations.”

2. Start by lighting candles in your sacred space with the intention in mind of this ritual. Focus and meditate on the flames as you reflect on the year you have had. Notice how it makes you feel. Sit with the feelings and allow space for them. Take all the time you need in this step.

3. Begin to write in your Moon journal or diary everything you want to let go of. Think about all the things that are holding you back, and as you write visually see yourself being set free from these things. (Save this piece for later)

4. Take your bowl and fill it with water, place your crystals and essential oils in the water, if you’re using dried herbs or flowers put them in too.

5. Next write down all your goals and aspirations for 2018 and anything you want to manifest into your life. Take this piece of paper and fold it up, you can either put it under the bowl of water or place it in the water with the crystals.

6. Using your finger gently stir the water in the bowl as you cast you magic moon spell. Repeat the following or get creative and make your own affirmation.

“Mother Moon hear my call, as this New Years night falls, I call to you with love in my heart, for protection and abundance as the old year departs. Please fill me with light as I pray to you tonight, guide me with your wisdom so that I may do right.
Please give me the strength to move forward in my life, let me love myself as I love others and spread light to all. Guide me down the right path, I follow with perfect love and perfect trust. I am filled with wisdom and power, I am love, I am light. I bless this water with love and light, and I offer you this energy on this New Years night. Blessed be. And so it is!”

7. Once the water has been infused by your magic take the bowl of water outside to sit under the moonlight if you can, if you don’t have access to somewhere private or safe then leaving it on the windowsill is fine (don’t worry Moon energy can penetrate through anything!)

Let the power of the moon charge your crystal water over the next 7 days and when you are ready take a relaxing bath and pour the water over your body allowing it to infuse into you. You can also add the moon water into your bath and soak in it. As you bathe, imagine it washing away all of your troubles and cleansing you so you feel loved, charged and inspired for the year ahead. You can then shower as normal if you desire. Discard any remaining herbs/flowers in the garden or compost.

Before you close your ritual, burn the piece of paper that you wrote everything you wanted to release from your life on. Watch as the words burn on the paper and visualise everything leaving your life. You have set yourself free! 

Happy Full Moon!

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