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Intuitive Astrology: October Full Moon 2018

The Taurus Full Moon on October 23rd/24th is here to help us find our strength. This earthy Full Moon is here to stabilise us, strengthen us, and help us to find our feet again. Mama Moon will help us find our place of calm, help us make that connection with that feeling of peace and tranquility within our heart and mind, a place a lot of us often forget exists. For a lot of you earth signs you may be feeling the pull of this October’s Taurus moon more than others, it may be stirring feelings of regret or anger, and there may be volatile energy circulating in the air.

The energy of this moon isn’t here to drag you back through past hurts and pain, but to highlight and expose your triggers so you may recognise them in the future and find power in centring and aligning yourself. We all have our own triggers, and when something presses our buttons we may react out of a place of lower vibration, a lower consciousness that we may later regret. The beauty in these triggers is knowing when they hit, and being conscious of them, and allowing yourself to calmly analyse and control them.

 During a full moon a lot of emotions are highlighted for us, things are brought to the surface and exposed making it the perfect time to look within and do some inner healing work. This Taurus moon will guide you to go within, to retreat, and to think about your calm. How often are you able to find this place in your day to day life? How often do you check in with yourself? How often are you able to stay centred and in balance? How often are you able to surrender and allow things to take their natural course? When you are feeling off balance and out of control, do you take yourself to your place of calm or do you ride out the storm?

 To answer these questions, one must journey within. You must make the time for yourself, meditate, create a little ritual that allows you to switch off. You must bring your attention to yourself and to this very moment. Anything you have had to deal with today, leave it behind. Solely focus on you and your needs. The Full Moon will help us see things with more clarity, it will help us realise the truth of our ways, and sometimes that can be a hard pill to swallow. 

As an Earth sign, Taurus energy wants us to be grounded and stable, it wants us to be strong so we can build solid foundations for ourselves. Taurus energy is all about taking methodical and practical steps forward. When the Bull charges full speed ahead, things can get out of hand. You don’t want to be the "bull in the china shop". Instead, you want to get grounded and find your calm, it is in this place of calm we can think clearly and make a plan on how to best move forward. Now is a good time to start thinking about what you’re going to leave behind in 2018, and what you want to bring with you in 2019…

The energy surrounding this October Full Moon is going to highlight the need for calm, and remind us that when we are calm, we are strong, and this strength allows us to be the best versions of ourselves. We can react with love and light, and respond on a much more awakened, divine spiritual vibrational level.

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