The Collective Awakening: A Journey of Divine Balance and Evolution

Since the Virgo full moon on February 24th, a profound shift has been unfolding within the collective consciousness, marking the beginning of a new era of awakening and transformation. This cosmic event served as a catalyst for a collective purge, inviting humanity to confront deeply rooted patterns and awaken to higher truths.

The subsequent intense full moon in Libra on March 25th, positioned on the relationship axis with Aries, further amplified this transformative energy. Across the globe, individuals experienced significant endings and closures in their personal lives, reflecting a larger cosmic realignment of energies.

In my own journey and observation, I've witnessed numerous relationships coming to an end, mirroring the imbalance that has plagued the divine masculine and feminine energies. It is as if the divine creator, seeing the imbalance, intervened to guide unions toward their highest alignment and service to collective awakening.

There's a palpable sense that these endings are not merely the result of personal conflicts or external circumstances, but rather a cosmic realignment of energies in service to the collective awakening and evolution of humanity. Relationships that were not in resonance with this higher purpose could no longer withstand the pressure of transformation, prompting their dissolution.

Yet, amidst the pain of separation, there lies a profound opportunity for growth and renewal. To truly elevate and evolve, individuals are called to embark on a journey of self-discovery and shadow work, delving deep into the recesses of their psyche to unearth and integrate the dormant aspects of their being.

This process of inner alchemy is essential for achieving a state of divine holy union, where the masculine and feminine energies within each individual are brought into harmonious balance. Only by meeting ourselves where we are and confronting our shadows can we pave the way for a new era of collective consciousness and spiritual evolution.

The new moon in Aries solar eclipse marked a pivotal moment—a threshold where individuals were presented with the opportunity to step through a portal into a new way of being. Those who embraced this opportunity and surrendered to the divine flow are now on a path of accelerated growth and evolution. However, for those who resisted or clung to old patterns, another cycle of karmic lessons awaits until the debt is settled.

A notable phenomenon during this period has been the irregularities in women's menstrual cycles, particularly during the full moon lunar eclipse in March. Many women reported unusual bleeding patterns, with some experiencing multiple bleeds or none at all. Personally, I too observed this phenomenon, bleeding on the Spring Equinox and again on Good Friday.

In addition to the profound endings and closures experienced in personal relationships, there's another layer of collective purging occurring within the very essence of our beings—the wombs of women. The irregularities observed in women's menstrual cycles during this period serve as a potent symbol of this deeper energetic shift within the feminine collective.

As women across the globe navigate through these tumultuous times, their bodies bear witness to the cosmic realignment unfolding around them. The irregular bleeding patterns, with some experiencing multiple bleeds or none at all, reflect the shedding of old wounds and the release of ancestral trauma stored within the collective womb.

This process of collective purging from the wombs is not merely a physical phenomenon but a sacred act of healing and transformation. As women offer their blood back to the earth and waters, they participate in the alchemical process of collective healing, transmuting pain into power, and reclaiming their divine sovereignty.

The Scorpio full moon, with its potent energy of death and rebirth, serves as a powerful portal for this profound release. As women embrace the intensity of this lunar phase, they embody the archetype of the sacred priestess, channeling the ancient wisdom of their ancestors and facilitating the rebirth of the collective feminine.

Through this sacred act of purging, women pave the way for a resurgence of divine balance and empowerment, catalysing a ripple effect of healing and transformation throughout the collective consciousness. As we honour the wisdom of the womb and the sacred cycles of creation and destruction, we awaken to our true power as divine creators and bringers of life.

In essence, this journey of collective awakening is an invitation to embody our highest selves, to transcend limitations, and to co-create a reality rooted in love, harmony, and divine alignment. As we navigate through these transformative times, may we honour the wisdom of the cosmos and embrace the sacred journey of evolution with courage and grace.

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  • Christine King

    Insightful and very thoughtful. Lost Cosmos has described in painful detail the challenges and changes we are all experiencing at this time. As a Scorpio woman, the full moon in Scorpio is awakening in me a new creativity which had been suppressed for some time. I have been ignoring my need to create, to write, to find myself again after a period of putting others before myself. The time for rebirth has arrived and my time for transformation is here. Thank you for explaining the awakening I and so many others are now experiencing.

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