Aquarius Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Blood Moon Ritual

We are now in the midst of eclipse season, and many of you will probably be feeling the great changes that are taking place.

Coming up on July 27th & 28th is a full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius, this is going to be the longest eclipse of this century, lasting an hour and 23 minutes.

The Aquarius Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is a rare celestial event that is a gift from the cosmos. During this intense time it forces us to go within and understand what emotions we are feeling, what pain are we holding onto, and most importantly understand what is it that we want out of life.

A lot of you may be experiencing feelings of detachments from your body, or your current reality, you may feel disconnected from yourself, feeling unbalanced in your life, and your mind. Things may be so confusing that you can’t make head nor tail of any situation. This is the beginning of the deep profound change that is happening to us all collectively. This Lunar Eclipse isn’t just a rebirth, this is a new life for us all, and everything you are experiencing and feeling have been the birthing pains.

Leading up to this eclipse we have had to journey through our own darkness, like an eclipse we must pass through the shadows so we can re-emerge into full light, stronger and more powerful than before.

This ritual is about calling to your higher self for guidance through these intense times, it is to help us prepare for the journey and help us feel more grounded and balanced. Sensitivity may be heightened so this ritual will help keep you protected.



  • Sage for smudging or your favourite tool of choice
  • 4 red candles
  • 1 white candle
  • Chalice
  • Athame / wand
  • Red Wine (or fruit juice if you don't drink alcohol)


1. As always, before doing any ritual it is important to cleanse your energy and your sacred space to clear away any unwanted energies from the last lunar cycle. By doing this you help to create a protective and high vibrational space to do your energy work.

As you smudge yourself, recite the following smudging prayer or mantra, or write one that resonates with you -

“I call upon the Divine light to surround and protect me,

I ask of my spirit guides, guardian angels and higher self to be present, to heal and guide me.

I cleanse away the past, I release any old pain. I let go of all that is holding me back.

I ask with Love and Light,

Release negativity into the light of the Divine.”


2. Cast your circle with your Athame or wand and position the 4 red candles so that they represent the 4 directions North, East, South, and West. Place the white candle in the centre of your circle with you to represent spirit and your higher self. Light your candles and call to the elements for protection in your circle.

Pour wine into your chalice and dedicate it to your higher self, the moon, the Goddess and any other deity you wish.

Concentrate on the moon, allowing yourself to connect to the moon’s energy, and visualise the blood red glow from the moon pouring into you. Ground yourself with it’s fiery red energy. Feel stable and connected. Feel safe in your sacred space.


3. Take a deep breath and call to your higher self for guidance and wisdom. Feel the merge as you are becoming one with your higher self, imagine a light from your higher self starting at the top of your head and imagine it moving all the way down through your whole body. Open up your breath to create flow throughout your body, adjust your posture and allow this new energy to permeate all in and around your body.

Once you feel connected to your higher self, use the power within you to ask for direction. Think of a situation you want guidance on. Ask your higher self what is it you need to know. What answers do you want? What has been troubling you? Let your intuition guide you.

Let your answers come, whatever flows let it flow. Don't resist any images or messages, be open to receive your guidance. Write what comes to you down in your moon journal if you wish. 


4. Now close your eyes and visualise the things you want out of life, if you are going through a dark period in your life, visualise coming out of the other side smiling and shining. See yourself happy. See yourself doing the things you want to be doing. Sit with the feeling of content and happiness and have gratitude as if it has already happened.


5. Raise your Chalice and say: "With strength of the Goddess and the guidance from my higher self, I invoke the power of this blood moon for strength and light. I am divine and deserve all the energy of prosperity, love and fulfilment in the world. As I will it, so mote it be. Blessed be.''

Drink the wine or juice. 

Thank your higher self for the connection and your spiritual guidance, thank the Goddesses and God.

Now finally sit in meditation for a while, or focus your energy on candle gazing, watch as the flame flickers and dances and melt into that feeling of calm. Hold yourself in the essence of power and love, and know that you shall receive all you deserve. 

Release the circle. 

Full Moon Blessings ✨

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