Capricorn New Moon Ritual

New Moon in Capricorn 16th - 17th intuitive astrology and new moon ritual

The New Moon is a time of intuition and new beginnings. This is an excellent time for making fresh starts or starting new projects. A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. It is a time to plant seeds for your future, and project your intentions for what you want to manifest into your life.

It is believed that as the waxing moon grows, gaining its strength, as does your intention, wish or goal. When the moon comes to completion and returns to new again, then your intentions should have started to manifest. Always look out for signs and messages from the Universe once you have set your intentions for something, the Universe works in mysterious ways and will be guiding you directly to your desired outcome, but you also have to be prepared to make bold changes if the opportunity is presented to you. Trust in divine timing.

The New Moon in Earthly Capricorn January 2018 is focused around leadership, hard-work, determination, goals, and projects. It signals a time to get real about what we’re building in our lives. We need to set our intentions, but work practically on our goals and projects. Our hearts and desires are fused to them already and this is something we came into the new year with, passionately focused on what we wanted to achieve! We should not let our impulses jeopardise our hard work, we need to stay on course and focus on the bigger picture. We need to stay grounded and committed in the moment and trust that we’ll get the outcome we desire if only we apply ourselves. Instead of resisting we need diligence, practicality, seriousness and a sense of personal responsibility.

We come into this new moon with fiercely re-defined goals infused with desire and dedication. We are ready to plan and implement the next steps, methodically but with urgency. Now is the time to put our goals into action.

The Capricorn New Moon is delivering the goal setting and new beginning boost we feel at new years, the moon is also putting within reach the excitement to get up and get going.

Your goals and desires are already firmly in your head and heart, take the bold step that you need.

Whatever you can dream, you can do. Dare to dream, chase your wildest!



Tuesday is the best time for casting spells to enhance confidence, protection, sexual encounters and building strength of mind and body.

Wednesday is the day to perform any spells or intentions focused towards career/jobs, intellectual pursuits, travel planning and research. As our New Moon falls on Wednesday, I shall be projecting my dreams towards travel plans for India and my yoga teacher training pursuit!

You will need:

• Sage for smudging

• White Candle

• Clear Quartz Crystal

• Moon journal / pen / notebook

• Sage leaves

• Eucalyptus leaves or essential oil

• Himalayan sea salt



1) Pour yourself a healing and therapeutic new moon bath, add your Himalayan sea salt, your Eucalyptus essential oil and your Quartz crystal to the bath.

Light your white candle, light your sage and smudge yourself and the bathroom. Inhale the cleansing and soothing properties of Eucalyptus and clear your mind.

Visualise your energy being renewed and tune into yourself and ask “What would I like the energy of this New Moon to bring into my life?” “What is something that I need support with at the time of my life?”


2) State your desire


I direct my energy tonight to one specific desire. That desire is… (state your intention/desire)

The power is available to bring this into being. I thank (Mother Moon, The Goddess, or any deity you wish to call upon) for your energy and the resource from which it comes.

May any messages regarding this special intention flood my consciousness; I carry myself with confidence, knowing that the divine will do what is best for me in this situation. Allow this to come into fruition.

Take your pen and moon journal, date it and give it a ’New moon in Capricorn’ title so you can go back and reference.

You don’t have to be in the bath at this point but I always have my journal to hand when inspiration or messages come to me! (Just don’t get your sacred moon journal wet)

Optional: get out the bath, put on some loose / comfy clothing and sit somewhere you won’t be disturbed and then state your intention.


 3) Write down anything that comes to you, write down your desires, any goals you want to set for the coming month or any new projects that you want to start.


4) Recite the following incantation:

“Mother Moon, hear my desire

Earth to water, wind to fire,

I ask of you to lend me your power,

I ask it once and three times three,

Bring my request, in harmony.

So mote it be."

Finish with any statement that signifies closure to your spell / intention such as "And so it is," or "Blessed be," or "Amen."

Happy New Moon!

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