Crone Of The Winter Solstice Meditation


Close your eyes and start to take deep breaths in and out through your nose. Sit with your spine nice and tall, or lay down if this is more comfortable for you. Start to deepen your breath, taking in long slow inhalations through the nose, then exhaling long, slow relaxing breaths out through the nose, allowing your whole body to soften and relax. Visualise a white sparkly mist showering over you, and with each exhalation breathe the white mist out until the light surrounds you.
Imagine yourself standing in a magickal winter forest. It feels ancient yet you know this place, there is a sense of familiarity. Snow lays thick on the forest floor and snow glistens on top of the evergreen branches. You walk deeper and deeper into the thick of the forest, taking in the beautiful scenery. You pass through a parted veil and enter into an opening, where trees stand tall in a circle. You sit down on a tree stump right in the middle of the circle. You hear animals around you. You are rooted to the cold earth and feel its energies around you.

Wind stirs the leaves on the fallen trees. Old rotted tree trunks surround you, covered in faded leaves, crisp with the winter ice. Small birds burrow through the tangled and aged tree branches to their nests. Sounds grow louder: birds’ cries, the wind howling past your ears, and the creak of the boughs. The deep stillness fills your soul. Your feet grow cold and tingle. A peace fills you as you feel the pulse of this forest. The ground is matted in leaves and pinecones amongst the snow.

You see someone standing before you and recognize her as the Crone. She blends in with Nature and yet you know she is the Goddess. Greet the Crone reverently. Leave an offering of mistletoe or apples. Ask the Crone for some insight; a message or a prayer for healing or something to aid you in your spiritual development. Ask the Crone what wisdom you need to know right now. What information it is you need to know as we move out of this decade and into a new chapter.  She will bless you with her wisdom. 

“Spirit of the Crone I/we call upon you tonight and I ask of you to show me what I need to know, show me where I need to go, what path I need to take. Allow me to see behind the curtain of illusion to what is true and what is meant for me”

Feel into the guidance and wisdom that is coming through to you.

Ask - “Help me integrate it” as the wisdom is coming to you tonight, even if you're not consciously aware or understand what is coming to you, ask your spirit guides to help you integrate this into your energetic being.

Before you walk away, thank her for her presence and guidance.

Before you leave the forest, sit in silent meditation and ask yourself if you accomplished everything you wanted to and if you grew in your spiritual development in the past year. Think about what you might learn from the Crone. She is the great teacher of mysteries of life. The Crone reminds us we are all mortal and death is a natural fact of life. Winter is the ideal time for introspection, meditation, and prayer. We have much to learn from the Crone and to be aware of her cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

Leave the forest and return your awareness to the room, deepen your breathes, bring your awareness to your entire body, feel yourself back in this world.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Visualise roots extending from the soles of your feet into the earth and draw up energy to help ground you.

Pay attention to any messages or auspicious signs that you may encounter in dreams or meditation. Sometimes, promising signs emerge in your daily life, like an image on a tarot card. Reflect on what the messages may mean and record them in your moon journal.

Winter Solstice Blessings!

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